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A left-wing radical terrorist tried to run over six Republican Party volunteers with his van, but there’s hardly a peep out of the mainstream network media. The few outlets that are covering the story, mostly at the local level, hesitate to call the obvious hate crime “politically motivated.” Progressive editorial policies declare that a terror attack can only be a hate crime if the terrorist is conservative. If the attacker was a nationalist, then coverage of the shock and outrage would be wall-to-wall.

Left-wing lone wolf attacker

Proudly decked out in their Donald Trump gear, the Duval County GOP had a tent set up in a Walmart parking lot on Saturday afternoon to register voters for the upcoming election. Everything was going smoothly until just before 4:00 p.m. when a man in his early 20’s pulled up to their tent in a brown, 1980’s era Chevy van. It seems he took offense to their deplorable signs which read, “Trump-Pence” and “Join the Landslide: Trump 2020.” He seems to have decided on some revenge killings.

“Kind of out of the blue, a man approached us in a van, was waving at us, kind of a friendly demeanor, thought he was coming up to talk to us, instead he accelerated his vehicle and plowed right into our tent, our tables,” Mark Alfieri exclaims. Another volunteer says she was “narrowly missed” as the speeding vehicle sent chairs and a table flying.

To make it even worse, he stopped to take pictures of his handiwork and flip the bird for an encore. “After he ran over everything, he backed up, took out a cell phone, kind of recorded the damage, made some obscene gestures at us and then proceeded to leave the complex,” Alfieri said.

Early Sunday morning a suspect was in custody. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrested 27-year-old Gregory William Loel Timm.

Politically motivated hate crime or simple mischief?

Everyone on the conservative side of the fence is totally outraged that the media isn’t calling this incident a hate crime, and downplaying it’s obviously political motive. Everyone else can see it, why can’t the network media? Each and every one of the network stories focus like a laser on one statement the local Sheriff made.

According to Lt. Larry Gayle, “we don’t know if this is politically motivated.” They charged Timm on two counts of Aggravated Assault, one count of Criminal Mischief, and driving with a suspended driver’s license. The conservative backlash quickly took Twitter by storm. The police may not know if it’s politically motivated but everyone else does.

Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott both called the mayhem “politically motivated” in their posts. Rubio thanked God “that no one was injured.” Scott added defiance. “@DuvalGOP will not be silenced or intimidated. They will redouble their efforts to support strong Republicans in NE Florida and around the state!” Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry called the hate, “toxic and dangerous.” Even President Trump weighed in, tweeting, “Law Enforcement has been notified. Be careful tough guys who you play with!”

Violence not the answer

The Duval County Executive Committee slammed the “cowardly act of violence,” adding, “No one’s life should be placed in danger for exercising their first amendment rights.” A spokesman for the Trump campaign notes, “this is reckless intimidation & someone could have easily been killed.”

Gerri Woodham, one of the volunteers who were nearly killed, echoed the sentiment. “When did violence become the answer? Just because I don’t agree with you? That’s not America. We have a right to disagree. We don’t have to agree. That’s what America is about, but we should have peaceful discourse.”

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