Democratic Senator Joe Manchin blows a hole right through the medias “witch hunt” on Jeff Sessions.

In an interview on CNN, Senator Joe Manchin admits he met with the Russian ambassador too! Oh no! There must be some kind of conspiracy going on here!

The Russian ambassador had numerous conversations with Senate Democrats and was seated on the Democrat side of the venue at Trumps speech. Sure looks like collusion for their Trump overthrow plan. We should call for them to be investigated and many should resign. Judging from what Obama’s doing and the crazy things democrats have already tried, there’s more than enough evidence to say their trying to overthrow the government.

From IJR:

Sen. Manchin underscored this point a second time, according to a report at Breitbart News:

“From my end, until I see the facts, anything and everything is premature until you see the facts–and that is what I am looking for,” Manchin said.

“I met with the Russian ambassador with other senators with the Armed Services Committee,” he said, providing details about the context. “As I recall, a lot of that was about NSAS and space and improving the working environment, because we are using Russian rock bets, so there are a lot of conversations with a lot of ambassadors–we all do.”

CNN is going to keep on beating this story until it’s dead! All for the sole purpose of undermining a man they obviously hate! They need to get over it, there is absolutely no evidence of any type of Russian connections. Doesn’t matter what angle they try to go at it with, there is nothing there!

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