Too much criticism has been circulating around the Biden administration and no one is to blame except Biden itself.

This Biden’s made disaster that has been going on in Afghanistan plus the al Qaeda threat to the United States soil. Makes Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)  furious towards Biden and to his recent debacle, the Afghanistan fall.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell joined “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday and slammed Biden and his administration for the chaos that happened in Afghanistan.

“This is one of the greatest foreign policy disasters in American history. I think it’s important to remember where we were a few months ago before the president’s reckless decision to leave. We only had 2,500 troops there. We had lots of single American personnel, military personnel in a year. The Taliban, the barbarians were not in charge of the country. We were keeping the lid on and Al Qaeda was not there.

So the decision to pull out was a gargantuan mistake, in my opinion. Having made that decision, you’d have to conclude these guys couldn’t organize a two-car funeral. I mean, here’s where we are. The president needs to forget about the August 31st deadline.

We need to send enough American personnel, military personnel to rescue our people, and by the way, there are more American soldiers there now than before the president made the decision to leave. Extend the deadline. Get outside the perimeter; make sure that every single American who wants to leave is able to get out with our assistance, and our Afghan allies.”

Former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Ret. Admiral Michael Mullen of Barack Obama’s administration said that the United States should have learned from the withdrawal of troops from Saigon during the Vietnam War.

He said, “I think we need to examine in the military that that can-do spirit and — and that can we understand why we too often say yes to a mission when we should say no and nobody wants the Saigon image and, obviously, we ended up with another Saigon image that will last permanently, quite frankly, whether we like it or not.”

Saigon has fallen, really bad.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Fox News

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