France has deployed their army into the streets since radical Islamic terror attacks have reached a terrifying high.

This is where liberals are leading America. This is what they want here. We’re already being destroyed from the inside out by democratic snakes and rioting libs. This needs to be stopped before we end up just like France.


BREITBART| Since the Islamist terror attacks in Paris last November, the streets of major French cities have been guarded by soldiers in full military fatigues. That permanent presence of the French army represents half of all its soldiers now deployed on military operations, but has been dismissed by critics as a political “anti-anxiety” measure.

Following the killing of 132 people in coordinated Islamist terrorist attacks in Paris and its northern suburb, Saint-Denis, last November, President François Hollande, declared the attacks on France an “act of war”. In response the French army was sent to the streets of main cities to offer people a sense of security, beefing up operations already begun following the Charlie Hebdo office and Hypercacher supermarket attacks earlier in 2015.

With more than half of their military in Paris, this makes for their biggest military operation anywhere. Paris is burning to the ground with the latest riots with Muslim’s leading the way. See below:

French Military needs to stay at home because that’s where the war is. They need to patrol their own streets to protect themselves from Islamic terror. This is what happens when you don’t properly vet incoming refugees. You’re welcoming terrorists in to create this anarchy. Their plan is simple, over throw the country and take it over with Sharia law.

We need to keep standing up to these liberals and the dishonest, brainwashing media. President Trump needs us standing behind him. So he can push forward with the immigration ban and undo the damage that Obama and liberal Americans have done to our country.

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  1. Johnny

    Frenchmen should resurrect the French Revolution & depose the sitting Leftist Socialist Liberal Radicals that allowed this catastrophe on French soul! They bear the full responsibility of seeing Paris burn, more destruction than what Germans did during WWII!

  2. Steve

    The French citizenry has no but rise up, just like we did in America, with the greatest political upset in 240 years of our nation. It’s rough but if you want your country back, if you finally see liberalism/globalists/one-world-power for what it is, DO SOMETHING!
    We saved ours, you watched while yours went to hell, save yours! Time to fight, people.

  3. Satan's helper

    Billy meier warned of this over a decade ago. Doesn’t surprise me, he’s been right about everything he’s published over the last 50 years.

  4. Eugene Durant

    Thirty years ago Jean-Marie Le Penne warned that this would happen and evryone laughed at him. He`s probably having a laugh and saying, “i told you so.”


    Muslim’s are a huge percentage of the French population and have been for hundreds of years.


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