This 26-second video will prove how hypocritical Nancy Pelosi is, and what political theatre COVID has become.

Everyone knows that Pelosi isn’t following the CDC science that she supposedly loves. She claims that everyone on the House Floor must still wear masks, even though the CDC says vaccinated people don’t need masks or social distancing unless they’re in very large crowds.

But that hasn’t stopped Pelosi from peddling COVID fear porn and targeting Republicans who don’t wear their masks.

Daily Mail previously reported that several House Republicans were fined $500 bucks each for not wearing their masks on the chamber floor.

‘Best $500 I ever spent,’ Republican Rep. Brian Mast told NBC News. He refused to put his mask on even after a member of the House Sergeant at Arms’ office approached him on the chamber floor Tuesday evening, in full view of C-SPAN’s camera, and asked him to wear one.

The mast was one of several GOP lawmakers seen on the House floor without a face covering as part of the protest of the rule after the CDC issued its new mask guidelines. House rules require lawmakers to wear a face mask unless addressing the chamber.

Conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and three other Republican lawmakers took a selfie of themselves standing in the well of the House, bare-faced, and tagging it with the hashtag #freeyourface
Well, don’t be fooled, the Dems don’t believe in “science” – this is the political party that thinks there are 67 genders – this entire dog and pony show is all political theatre and has nothing to do with actual “safety.”

The video will show that Pelosi walking, mask-free, through a big crowd….she’s freely touching people and getting right up in their faces…again, with NO MASK.

This entire COVID thing is just for show and something to keep the flames of fear burning.

Watch it here: GOP War Room/Youtube


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