One of the many things that democrats are blind to is the real threat of radical Islam and their intent on taking over America with Sharia law.

They may not see the importance of outlawing the use of Sharia law in America but it is a real need in all 50 states to keep this anti- American extremism away from our country. Arkansas is headed in the right direction. Representative Brandt Smith created the bill which will require courts to only use American laws, keeping Sharia law out of the court system.

Of course liberals are labeling this “anti-Muslim,” there is no surprise there. It sure is anti-something! In fact, it’s anti- extreme Islam. And all of America should be behind that.

From US Herald:

“All aspects of a Muslim’s life are governed by Sharia. Sharia law comes from a combination of sources including the Qu’ran, the sayings of the prophet and the rulings of Islamic scholars,” according to the BBC’s definitive introduction to Sharia.

Islam and Sharia therefore are inseparable and mutually reinforcing, meaning HB-1041 “necessarily” includes Muslims by implication, given the central nature of Sharia to Islamic life.

Sharia is best understood, fairly or otherwise, as an anachronistic legal system promising brutal justice to those who violate its tenets. Steal a loaf of bread and lose a hand. Insult Islam — die. In fact, there are many former or less devout Muslims who see Sharia for what it is: contrary to Western values of individual freedom and human rights.

“Sharia is more than stoning or amputating limbs or public beheading — Sharia is a spirit also. Its spirit is against current [Western] civilization. Sharia instigates its believers to destroy secular democracy (from within!) and establish [a] so-called Islamic state because [the] law is pointless without a state,” blogs Hasan Mahmud at Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

The bill passed in a 63-24 vote on Monday.  Idaho, Kentucky, Montana and Oregon have also seen similar bills this year. The courts need this kind of clarity on how to judge cases based on the values that America has been built on.

We can’t allow any leniency with Sharia law. Liberals won’t take this seriously until the day they see what real oppression is.

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  1. Dove Knight

    They would have to stop drinking and I don’t see that happening. When wet brain takes over, it’s time to help them step down.

  2. Joe

    Very discriminating by liberals who make Christians abide by American laws when it comes to healing, saying prayers in schools and public places, etc. Don’t trust liberals!!!!

  3. Clyde

    The democrats know what’s going on but like obama said one time the Jv players and that what the democrats thank they thank they can us them to get power back and then push them back down but that’s not going to be easy and if we the people don’t stand with trump on this then it maybe to late and we’re going to have to fight them everyone of them to stop there laws from coming to America for those people protesting for them your stupid and need to be put out of this country for being un American trying to make it a racist thing when it’s not what it is it’s a keep this country safe and family’s safe from them they hate everything about you and I and when they get the chance there going to show you how much you mean to them by cutting your head off so stop acting a fool grow up and thank about your family before it’s to late and you get what your asking for stupid people

  4. Pat

    Too bad that all states can’t have no sharia law at the same time. We must never have that law in the USA. We are Bigger and better to stop it. Actually, they can leave the same way they came in to the USA. GOOD BYE, GOOD-BYE. WE DON’T AND NEVER HAVE WANTED YOU HERE. YOUR SUGAR DADDY WANTED YOU HERE. HE IS OUT OF OFFICE AND WHAT A BEAUTIFUL RELIEF TTHAT IS, BUT HE IS STILL IN CONTROL.


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