Back in May, President Obama decided to ramp up his “apology” tour with a stop in Hiroshima, Japan where he told them that our dropping the atomic bomb was “evil.”

And we pointed out that Japan attacked us first at Pearl Harbor which resulted in thousand of deaths and injuries. Obama must have forgotten that part.

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, will forever be remembered for launching the U.S. into World War II, as well as the destruction and loss it caused.

By the end of the two-hour sneak attack, five of eight American battleships were damaged or destroyed, several other ships and combat planes were out of commission, and more than 2,400 U.S. lives were lost.

He’s basically spitting in the faces of all of those who sacrificed their lives that tragic day as well as disrespecting all that served during WWII.

Hell, he’s spitting on the faces of each and every American, but that’s nothing new.

As you can imagine, his comments made millions of Americans angry as hell- and rightly so.

Here is a Tweet that perfectly sums up most of what needs to be said:

“Hiroshima? Bataan Death March, Bangka Island Massacre, Sandakan Death March, The Rape of Nanking, Pearl Harbor. We owe no apology.”

My colleague Michael Cantrell at Young Cons has more:

I don’t believe our country has a single thing to be sorry for here as it was Japan who attacked us first and woke the sleeping giant.

They are responsible for the blowback that occurred from their actions, and them alone.

Was it horrific and awful that it happened? Most certainly. No one who is morally upright likes war or violence of that magnitude, but retaliation was necessary to remove them from the battlefield and achieve justice.

I don’t know about you, but I simply cannot wait until we have a president who doesn’t think we need to “apologize” for everything we’ve done in the past.

Sure, our nation isn’t perfect. We’ve made mistakes. But we’ve also been a massive blessing to the whole world and our contributions to helping out across the globe have more than earned us the right to be respected for our choices.

Mess with America and we’ll bomb the hell out of you- when Obama get’s out of our way.

We rest our case.

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  1. durrmoment

    Obama plays on the fact that our schools don’t teach history anymore. The decision to drop the bombs was to SAVE lives. While taking the Japanese held islands leading up to the mainland of Japan, Americans faced an enemy that was told we, the Americans, were monsters that would do unspeakable acts to those who were captured. Therefore the Japanese fought to the death, and never surrendered. Even the civilians on these islands, women and children,went to the cliffs and jumped to their deaths thinking it was better than to be captured. The loss of life was tremendous on both sides. Taking the Japanese mainland by invasion would have cost millions of lives under these conditions. Therefore the atom bomb was a merciful alternative.

  2. Brenda

    Just this week for the Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Obama said that the World War II Vets need to get over their Bitterness!!! Well, I think we should ask him…”When will the Blacks get over their Bitterness of Slavery that happened over 100 years ago”!!!

  3. william

    Yes we made mistakes, but one that stands out is voting that racist bigot as Pres
    ident of the US. That is embarrassment What a piece of work!

  4. Sarah Goodwich

    I have to ask: Britain had radar technology, and the USA got attacked in the Pacific for moving half the fleet to the Atlantic on their behalf; so why didn’t they SHARE it with the USA to PROTECT the Hawaiian baase?


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