Biden’s Afghanistan debacle has really brought his rating down to the toilet bowl. That’s no surprise. From controversial fraud brought victory earlier this year, that’s no surprise.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the Biden administration certainly will receive a lot of hate and nasty message as soon as she gets back from Asia.

This has been a losing streak for her as she is making Biden and all of the prior Vice Presidents look like a million bucks.

Check out this new poll from NBC News posted by Bill Mclnturff.

All I can say is Vice President Kamala Harris looks good on paper. But she’s not good at politics. Her trip to talk about immigration proved as bad as her presidential run.

The White House finally noticed something Democratic primary voters knew two years ago. Put simply, Kamala Harris is not an effective politician.

Harris announced her presidential campaign in January 2019 and was immediately crowned a top contender. On paper, she was made for the moment, having served as California’s attorney general and U.S. senator.

Harris could loosen the deep pockets of Silicon Valley and Hollywood. She built her profile as a nationally known progressive and wasn’t yet another old, white male.


Sources: Wayne Dupree,

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  1. Old wolf

    We’re screwed with either one running the country . Both can’t take control and run the country the way it’s supposed to be ran . Neither have any balls to take control . All the delusional Democrat party is the same , they want with out doing the work to earn anything , And we suffer for it .


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