Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, took a last-minute donation from a contractor who could greatly benefit from her.

These are the “Clinton rules” of campaigning and libs get away with it! Brown should be persecuted for an ethics violation for this…

From The Daily Caller:

Phil Fogg, CEO and President of Marquis Companies – an Oregon-based provider for assisted living, rehab and Alzheimer’s facilities – donated $5,000 to Kate Brown two days before she was elected governor, Oregon campaign data shows. That was Fogg’s only donation to the 2016 gubernatorial race.

Marquis holds 10 contracts worth nearly $444 million that are set to expire during the Democratic governor’s term, contracting data obtained by the nonprofit watchdog group Open the Books shows.

Oregon is hugely liberal. It has been 30 years since the last time a Republican held the Governor position in Oregon. Brown was set to win without the donation, Republicans had a slim chance. But the donation looks to be a bribe for the CEO to keep his $444 million dollar contracts.

Corruption runs deep in the liberals! And she probably won’t even face any scrutiny from the press. They’re too busy giving Trump and his administration hell. Nothing to see here, media black out, keep moving along libtards…

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