Paris burns after an anti-police riot broke out. In the video you can hear rioters yelling “Allah akbar.”

Sound familiar? This is the exact climate that Obama has set in America. Prime realty for terrorists such as BLM and Radical Islam. Thankfully Trump has now taken over and we can begin restoring respect for authority, we can keep citizens armed, Sharia law will not be tolerated.

America will not burn like Paris.

From Viral Liberty:

Authorities in Paris are struggling to contain anti-police riots after allegations of sexual abuse by officers surfaced.

Five areas have been dubbed “no-go zones” for the past 5 nights as police battle rioters setting vehicles on fire and throwing what appear to be firecrackers.

The video below shows the violence going on in Paris right now, you can also hear the rioters chanting “Allah akbar.”

Citizens fear that this violence could spread all over the country. Residents are already on lock down to protect them from these rioters. Citizens are calling this “protest” “disgraceful.”  It really doesn’t make sense. This is the same kind of ignorance we’ve been seeing here in America.

How will destroying your city and hurting innocent people fix anything? The officers who are guilty are the ones who need to be held accountable. Justice needs to be sought there. This “snowflake” mentality of breaking things when you’re mad makes zero sense.

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