Paul Ryan’s fingerprints are all over the failed repeal to Obama’s healthcare plan and it has effectively sabotaged the republican party.

31 conservative patriots are blocking this horribly constructed bill and not one democrat supports it. This in it’s self speaks volumes on how poorly the repeal was put together. Paul Ryan is the one to blame and his secrecy makes it all the more suspicious.

 From Viral Patriot:

Ryan, working under a cloak of secrecy that angered Rand Paul and other Republican lawmakers that wanted a seat at the table during the writing of the bill, really had to work to put together a plan that would fail to lower costs but simply rearranges the deck chairs of who will be punished most under his plan rather than under Obama’s.

For those of you who doubt that Ryan would deliberately commit his party to political suicide take a look at these poll numbers that show Democrats getting a 33-point bump from the badly mishandled bill that has Ryan’s fingerprints all over it every step of the way.

Poll from the Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group:

Because Paul Ryan purposefully refused wise counsel from his own party shows that he did not have the best intentions for this bill. But why would Ryan lead his party on this suicide mission? Read more about that here…

Pull his financial records, and his bank statements. I bet there’s a large deposit from the Clinton Foundation and/or Obama Foundation as well as a hefty deposit from the DNC. I hope that our president recognizes this traitor for what he is. Paul Ryan wants to be president and it shows in every facial expression and every move that he makes. He is a real snake in the grass.

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