Congressman James Sensenbrenner has come up with THE BEST idea for the funding of the Mexico border wall!

The Wisconsin representative introduced the bill on Wednesday. Right journalist reports,  The BUILD WALL Act was an acronym for Build Up Illegal Line Defenses With Assets Lawfully Lifted) proposes increased forfeitures and a restructured allocation of funds already seized by the U.S.

There is definitely enough money there to fully fund the wall.  In 2016, the Justice Department seized $1.7 billion from all illegal sources, including drug cartels. It would just be a matter of redirecting the money towards the wall. Right now the funds are set to go to law enforcement budgets.

Like Trump said, Mexico WILL pay for the wall. Just the fact that tax payers won’t be funding sanctuary cities pays for it. But don’t expect liberals to see that logic. They are completely illogical creatures. No more welfare for illegals who use fake ID’s to get it… That’s more saved money.

So please, take my tax dollars to build that wall. I don’t even care! It will be paid back in the long run! Although I do love the idea of taking money from the drug cartels too. Share if you like this idea too!

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  1. Mary A Noriega

    So proud of the direction President Trump is leading America,, He has keep his promises to the American People….
    A Man of great strength that is serving to benefit the American People, as he has said America First.. We want our country to be restored not destroyed..President Trump will get the job done…. No doubts..


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