I know most of us also feels the same about what Former President Trump said

“It’s starting to feel like a money-making scheme.” Former President Trump said.

Well, he is right after all. Ever since this pandemic blew up, it wasn’t easy for everyone. Regardless of the controversial health protocols that even Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan is having problems following rules.

Well the POTUS Joe Biden peddled the vaccine as a “one-and-done” type of deal, which means that if you get the vaccine, you could remove your mask and life would go back to normal from that point moving forward.

Is that even a real deal? Even after the POTUS himself couldn’t remove his mask in public even after he got vaccinated. Not to mention her Vice President too.

Well, if you are that high in position, you will have a certain type of “immunity”.

It was really shocking and controversial after people who got vaccinated are more prone to the Covid virus. Some vaxxed people say that they honestly thought that if they took the vaccine, their life would get back to normal. Well at least after a few days’ time.

And recently, WHO announced new variants of the virus. The Biden Administration lead by Dr. Fauci is highly suggesting that citizens should take those booster shots! That is insane! We don’t even know how many shots would be advised but a lot of people are asking if those are just glorified flu shots.

NOBODY REALLY KNOWS BECAUSE NO ONE EXPLAINS ANYTHING! That’s the shout of angry concerned citizens as they were just told to believe the experts and should be listened to.

Maria Bartiromo posted a Fox News Video live interview with the Greatest President on her Twitter account:

It’s true that you can never blame Americans for being suspicious about the vaccines and boosters.

The virus itself is truly weird and it just keeps getting worse with lots of information that is not adding up.

Can you really blame people whom you told voted you?

Sources: Wayne Dupree, WHO

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