Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Moore FINALLY get put in their place by a Green Beret, Purple Heart recipient…a real American!

It’s about time someone shuts these morons up! Whoopi Goldberg has shown her ignorance over and over again on her hack show, The View.  And Michael Moore has been loud and vocal, stirring up protests against President Trump. These two need to be sent off somewhere away from America.

See what Green Beret, Sniper, Sikes had to say below:

From Clash Daily:

Let’s quickly dig into your — and The Views‘s opinion of how Carryn Owens was portrayed…you think she was exploited.

Well, I witnessed a standing ovation for a woman who lost her husband serving this great county. I witnessed genuine sorrow and gratitude for Mrs. Owens. I witnessed a military wife that lost a loved one, receive support from the masses in a time of great suffering. Furthermore, I see YOU as the washed up, “my opinion actually matters” douche that is responsible for exploiting her. Do you actually believe people care what you think? I’m here to tell you that the thoughts of a “C-list” actor turned daytime propagandist measures somewhere between a cat turd and a dog turd.

Oh, and how can I forget my best buddy, the mouth breathing Michael Moore… YOU wanna talk about exploiting people?

Let’s run the numbers and I’m not talking about your bathroom scale:

Michael Moore in TrumpLand
Where to Invade Next
10%: What Makes a Hero?
Occupy Los Angeles
Capitalism: A Love Story
Slacker Uprising
Fahrenheit 9/11
Bowling for Columbine

At this point in time, after YOU’VE exploited all the people over the years to produce this slanted trash listed above, that morons actually refer to as “documentaries” exactly how many of those people have you helped? My guess would be slim to none. Are you spending time and money rebuilding Detroit? Combating school violence? I’m doubtful of any positive influence you’ve had regarding topics you’ve touched with your greasy sausage fingers.

Make sure you read the whole thing here!

Both Whoopi and Moore are so disrespectful to those who serve and to the family who lost their Navy SEAL. This woman was honored and shown respect for the loss of her Husband and all these people can do is use it against Trump.

The only people using this woman are liberals who want to use her to smear Donald Trump, instead of giving her, her moment and respecting her husband.

Check out some of the ignorant comments below:

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