Ron Paul speaks the truth and isn’t afraid of what liberals… or conservatives, for that matter, think.

I have respect for a man of truth who isn’t swayed by political bias. What he had to say about congress was on point! Every congressman needs to read this. See below…


Ron Paul says,

“Let’s try to get this straight…

The U.S. Constitution (which every politician swears to uphold) says that Congress is to declare war, not the President.

The last time that Congress declared war was World War II. Ever since, Congress has let one President after another run roughshod across the planet.

No votes. No uproar. See no evil, hear no evil.

Then Donald Trump comes along and wants *peaceful* relations with Russia. Wouldn’t you know, congressional legislation has been introduced with the goal of blocking him!

So Congress is (unconstitutionally) silent on war, and wants to veto the prospect of peace?

Drafters of the Constitution would be disgusted.”

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