The Democrat’s made up “Russian Hacking” conspiracy theory has hit a lot of brick walls but now it has majorly backfired!

Sunday morning the White House released a statement saying that President Trump is requesting the congressional intelligence community to determine if there was abuse in the executive branch investigative powers in 2016. He wants this to be looked into while they look into Russian activity.

President Trump is onto Barrack Obama and the shady way he had been conducting the White House before his departure. Trump highly suspects that Obama had his wires tapped right before the election. But he will not be making any further comments until they do an investigation into the abuse of investigative powers in 2016.

From Breitbart:

All day Saturday, former Obama staffers tried to put out the fires. A spokesperson for President Obama responded — and Obama aide Valerie Jarrett tweeted:


As Breitbart News’ Matthew Boyle noted, however, it was a “non-denial denial.” It is worth examining the statement in detail.

“A cardinal rule of the Obama Administration was that no White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the Department of Justice.”

Note that this sentence does not dispute any of the key factual allegations at issue: that the DOJ approached the FISA court for permission to spy on Trump aides; that surveillance, once granted, continued after no evidence was found of wrongdoing; that the Obama administration relaxed National Security Agency rules to facilitate the dissemination of evidence through the government; and that Obama staffers allegedly did so, the better to leak damaging (and partial) information to the media.

This whole statement isn’t a simple denial that none of Donald Trump’s statements are true, but it’s a blanket denial that will protect Obama when the truth comes out. He will be able to admit to wiretapping Donald Trump later on and make it seem like they never lied.

Obama is a true con artist!

Dear President Trump,

Thank you for finally going on the offensive with Obama and the liberals. Stay on the offensive in this evil war, because Obama is still pulling strings behind the scenes, he’s not going away quietly. Obama is a criminal. Clinton is a criminal. Time for the DOJ and Sessions to investigate him fully! If you don’t take them both down now they will never stop attacking you. On behalf of the people and we Deplorables that voted you in put Evil Obama, Crooked Hillary and Poison Soros in prison once and for all! Stay strong President Trump you will defeat them! America is with you!


Humble Deplorables

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