A murderous couple who murdered 20 people and fed their hearts to their dogs are now charged with an additional murder in Mexico. The couple were arrested last year when they were found with a shopping cart full of body parts. they could have saved themselves prison time if they had identified themselves as planned parenthood. Not only would they go free but the DA would charge the police for arresting them. The coupe have been dubbed the ‘Monsters of Ecatepec’, after the Mexican municipality they are from. Both are in prison and have each received a sentence of 327 years in prison. I see no sense in trying them for one more murder.

From The Daily Mail

A serial killer couple who killed 20 women and reportedly fed their hearts to their pet dogs have been jailed for a total of 654 years after being convicted of another murder. 

Dubbed the ‘Monsters of Ecatepec’, after the Mexican municipality they are from, the couple have received a new sentence of 40 years for the death of an unnamed woman in March 2018. 

With the latest ruling, Juan Carlos Hernandez Bejar, 38, and Patricia Martinez Bernal, 44, have both received sentences amounting to 327 years. 

They were arrested in October 2018 when they were caught pushing a baby’s pram full of human remains in the street. 

Following a search of their homes, investigators found additional human remains in buckets filled with cement in a vacant lot and the rest wrapped in plastic in a refrigerator near their home. 

Hernandez Bejar had previously admitted to killing at least 20 women to police. 

Police said that Bernal was responsible for approaching the victims, usually young women, before convincing them to go to her house to sell them products such as cheese, clothing or perfume.      

Once the victims went into the house they were killed and dismembered by Hernandez Bejar.

Since May 20 the couple have been sentenced eight times, according to local media.

They have also previously been sentenced to four years in prison for human trafficking after selling the baby of one of their victims and the bones of at least one of the victims.   

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  1. Grizz Mann

    They should have crossed the border. Democrats would have hailed them as ”dreamers’ with a goal of population and new food supplies.


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