On the battlefield of Love, this Mormon woman somehow masters it.

53-year-old Monette Dias is an interior designer based in Utah and is one of the stars of TLC’s “Addicted to Marriage” which followed her relationship with her boyfriend, John.

Dias who has been married 11 times insisted she is not ready to “give up love” after breaking up with the man she hoped would become her 12th husband.

The mother of four has been proposed to more than 28 times in her life, and married two of her ex-husbands twice, thinking they could work it out.

“I’m definitely in love with love,” she admitted as she detailed her romantic history on the show, saying that she was only two years old when she had her first crush.

“I had crushes on my older brother’s friends. I always picked which one I was going to marry,” she said. “I always fantasized about what my wedding would be like, what my husband would be like.”

Well, there was another significant reason that led her to tie the knot multiple times. Owing to her Christian faith, she’d been raised to believe that sex outside of marriage was wrong. “I would be dating a guy for a couple of months, and when you can’t have sex they’re like, ‘Oh, let’s get married’,” she told New York Post.

“You always were supposed to have a husband,” she said. “You didn’t have sex outside of marriage.”

Because she loved love, she was always seeking intimacy with a man. However, her marriages did not often work out, and she has been divorced eleven times after eleven marriages.

“Intimacy was a big driving force for me, and so once I was with someone, and we got to that point [of having sex], it was like, ‘We got to get married, or we have to break up.’ So it was usually the marriage,” she said.

Dias said that she only had sex prior to marriage with her two last husbands – number ten and number eleven.

Her shortest marriage lasted for just six weeks, while her longest was 10 years. However, despite all this, she has not given up on love and says she has found the one in a 58-year-old, twice-divorced man named John. Hope she is lucky this time, at least!

In addition, she has been married so many different times that her daughters Mercedes and Marcie can hardly remember all of their mother’s ex-husbands’ names.

“My first husband I knew in high school, and I told my sister I was going to marry him one day, and I married him two months later,” Dias recalled.

They married six days after graduation and remained together for ten years before divorcing.

“Number 10 I knew in elementary school. He’s a very good person, but we should have just stayed friends. Number 11, I’m not even going there with that one. There’s nothing to say.”

“Not one time did I go into a marriage thinking that it would end in divorce,” she said. “Every single time, I was like, ‘Please, let this be the one.’ So my whole life, I’ve spent trying to force these men to live up to this elusive soulmate that I have in my head.”

Her sister, Marcie, admits she wasn’t concerned when her sister got married the first two or three times.

But after being married eleven times she worries her sister will never meet the right person. Marcie on the other hand, has been married once and has been with her partner for 38 years.

Despite not having much luck in the marriage department, Dias has insisted that she’s not given up on love.

 “Truly I totally believe in love. I believed every single one was ‘The One’. I still believe in love, I still have not gotten jaded. I kind of get caught up in the moment, I fall in love easily – obviously!”

Sources: AWM, NYpost

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