In the bustling city of Gothenburg, Sweden lived a 29-year-old glamor model named Natasha Crown. With over two million fans following her every move, Natasha was on a mission: to have the biggest backside in the world. No one could have guessed that her quest for the world record would also scare off potential suitors. Desperate for a chance at love, she appeared on the YouTube show, Hooked on the Look, where she embarked on a blind date with a hopeful heart.

Natasha’s journey to stardom began years ago when she first went under the knife for plastic surgery. Over time, her determination grew stronger, and her backside grew larger. But as her fame increased, so did her loneliness. Natasha hadn’t been in a relationship for seven long years. She admitted, “My last relationship was seven years ago. I am pretty extreme, so I think people are afraid of me.”

Undeterred by her lack of romantic prospects, Natasha vowed to continue her pursuit of the world record, even if it meant scaring men away.

“It’s scary for men,” she said. “You have my personality, and then you have my body, and then you have everything else on top of that. It’s extreme.”

Nothing could stop Natasha from achieving her dream. “I’m going to have the world’s biggest bum. That’s my goal, and I’m going to reach it,” she declared. Since her first surgery at 20, Natasha had spent around $150,000 on her transformation and was preparing for her sixth Brazilian butt lift.

On the day of her blind date, Natasha was a bundle of nerves and excitement. As she met her potential love interest, his eyes widened in shock. “I’ve never meant a person who is famous for having the biggest butt in the world,” he exclaimed. Despite their initial chemistry, it soon became clear that the pair were worlds apart. He saw himself as a small-town boy, while Natasha was undeniably a city girl.

In the end, the man admitted they would never be able to work out in love because they were from “two different worlds.” Although Natasha’s heart ached, she knew that she needed a partner who could embrace all of her.

“I understand, it’s too much for him, it’s hard to handle all the thickness, all the curves in the right places,”she said with a smile.

As Natasha walked away from her blind date, her determination to achieve the world record remained unshaken. She knew that somewhere out there was someone who would love her not just for her record-breaking backside, but for the strong, passionate woman she was. With each step, she grew more confident in her pursuit of both love and the world record. And so, Natasha Crown continued her journey, a woman on a mission, ready to face whatever challenges life had in store for her.

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    That isn’t appealing in any sense of the word! And you wonder why you haven’t met anyone? Your butt is gross.


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