The world is going through a very difficult time with the outbreak of the pandemic. Many of us have lost our jobs as a result of businesses being forced to shut down to stop the virus from spreading. With no clear idea of how long it will be until the pandemic passes, people are faced with an entirely uncertain future.

But one landlord, who sympathized with the situation of his tenants, made a very thoughtful gesture for them.

Christina Marie, a mother of four who lives in Michigan, found herself in a desperate situation, she needed to figure out a way to keep her apartment in Saginaw, Michigan. Because her children were not able to go to school because of the virus, Marie had to stay home with them, sacrificing her job in the process.

In perfect timing, during her most desperate moment, Marie got a call from her landlord that put her totally at ease.

She was overjoyed, even as she narrated how it all happened, she said, “My landlord Alan called me earlier today and told me not to bother about the rent for this month and that we will worry about it later, which I said okay!”

Not only that, the landlord was not done being a generous person. He doesn’t want his tenant to get hungry as well. Alan, the landlord, gave Marie all the stuff she needed. He loaded up her front porch with food, milk, produce, and even diapers for her little one.

“Then he asked me if we had food. I told him how I had three packs of meat left and needed to go this week, and he told me, okay, be safe. Then I get a text saying, go to your front porch, please!!! And I see this. I couldn’t tell you how I feel right now for him to do this for my family. My heart is so touched. GOD BLESS YOU.”

We could certainly do with all the love, respect, and community support in the world right now. Stories like this one, of one selfless landlord, give us hope that together, we will make it through these trying times.

Source: AWM

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  1. James

    CONTRARY to public opinion, there are about 85% of the population, that are honest hard working patriots that don’t mind sharing with a neighbor. The minority left could take lessons from the christian right. jwstx


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