An East Chicago elementary school teacher is in hot water after it was revealed she allegedly told a student she had a hit list that included the names of students and co-workers.

On Wednesday, a 5th-grade student at St. Stanislaus School, a Catholic elementary school in East Chicago, Indiana, told a guidance counselor that their teacher made comments about killing herself, students, and staff members, according to a statement posted to the Facebook page of the East Chicago Police Department.

“At approximately 12:45 p.m. a 5th-grade student told his/her Counselor that their 5th-grade teacher made comments to him/her about killing herself, students, and staff at St. Stanislaus School,” the East Chicago Police Department said in a statement. “The teacher further told the student that she has a list and that he/she was on the bottom of that list.”

The teacher was then told to leave the premises while officials called the police.

Angelica Carrasquillo-Torres, 25, was then arrested for telling the student of her “kill list,” East Chicago Police say. Carrasquillo-Torres teaches fifth grade at St. Stanislaus School in Griffith, Ill., about 20 miles outside of Chicago.

“The East Chicago Police Department was not made aware of the situation until 4 hours later after the teacher was allowed to leave. Once Officers were notified, they completed a report and notified the Criminal Investigation Division,” the department said in a statement on Facebook. “On Thursday, October 13, 2022, the Criminal Investigation Division was able to obtain an emergency detention order for the teacher from the Lake County Prosecutors Office.”

School officials said that Friday would be a remote learning day for students and will provide a counselor for any students when they return to the classroom.

“While we are still navigating this unimaginable event, we are grateful for the teachers and staff who carefully and compassionately listen to the concerns of students with respect for their well-being. We thank God for the family culture of St. Stanislaus that provides students with an environment where they feel safe sharing concerns and questions with teachers and staff,” the school wrote on Facebook.

Police detained Carrasquillo-Torres at her home on Thursday and said she is currently on a psychiatric hold in a local hospital, according to WFLD-TV.

“I’m worried for my child’s safety,” said Kirsten Saldivar, a parent of a pre-K student at the Catholic school. “A child should not have to fear going to school every day, especially in such a small community of a school.”

“We knew nothing and we went about our normal school days like nothing was wrong,”  Saldivar said.

“The original email that we received last night had no information of what was going on other than there was an issue in that specific classroom,” she said.

Officials have not said what charges Carrasquillo-Torres is facing.

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