Andrew Cuomo just can’t make himself away from troubles or bad news.

Recently, Assemblyman Doug Smith has presented the humorously titled “Predator Portrait Prevention Act,” which will avoid any governor who does not complete any term for which they are elected to be displayed in the state capitol building without the approval of the legislature.”

Interesting, Andrew Cuomo has resigned in disgrace as New York Governor after he sexually harassed multiple women while in office, but it appears that his legacy may be stricken from Albany’s Hall of Governors as well.

The New York Post reported:

After 11 years of serving as Governor, he may not be represented in the New York capital’s collection of gubernatorial portraits — if a Republican lawmaker has his way.

The former governor was considered to be a pillar of strength in his daily briefings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also allegedly reached up a woman’s blouse and looked down another’s; others alleged invasive questions about their sex lives, suggestions for a game of strip poker, uncomfortably intimate kissing, and general inappropriate handiness.

But then, Cuomo has fiercely denied the allegations and credited his Italian heritage for any perceived missteps or, as a spokeswoman characterized it, “old-fashioned.”

Democrats will always find ways to communicate with people and try to brainwash them but Cuomo’s reputation is just bad as Biden’s presidency.

Forbes confirmed that “former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is reportedly planning his comeback from allegations of sexual harassment that led to his resignation last year.

Cuomo and his aides, “are intensifying an effort to revive his public standing, including discussing how to make his first public appearance since resigning in August, according to people close to him.

“Some political operatives who have spoken with Mr. Cuomo or his aides said they think he is considering a run for attorney general this year against New York Attorney General Letitia James.

This man is filthy and disgraced, but still manages to make things work for him but the good thing is that students having field trips at the New York capital’s collection of gubernatorial portraits.

Sources: The Western Journal, The New York Post, Forbes

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  1. Jesse

    He should be banned from ever holding any Office paid for with TAX DOLLARS. That means he can’t run for any office in America at any level of Government. The people who dismissed the claims against him should be disbarred and charged as Accessories to his Crimes. Then they all should be tried. I mean how much did Cuomo have on them so that they would say the evidence is there but we are not going after him. You can bet if he were a Republican they would hang them even without one shred of Evidence.


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