Jann-Michael Greenburg, President of Arizona’s Scottsdale Unified School District held a meeting with staff and parents who expressed their concerns about the unlawful mask mandates in public schools.

In the first part of the meeting, Mr. Greenburg accuses an incident where a few of his staff found a “Neo Nazi Propaganda” was found in packets and envelopes around the campus.

Here’s what He said:

“Unfortunately for one of our campuses, thankfully before students came but unfortunately, as our staff arrived at the school they found a number of packets, envelopes on the campus. When they inspected the packets and envelopes those envelopes contained neo-Nazi propaganda. A 1993 neo-Nazi comic book written by William Luther Pierce the Third, the same author of The Turner Diaries, which was used by Timothy McVeigh to justify the Oklahoma City bombing, and this individual actually struck our campus three times, three separate occasions, brought that material and laid it out in places where we assume he hoped that children would come into contact with that.

And then, of course, on Friday we had protested at some of our school sites where we heard some pretty unfortunate comments about Asians. Comments that COVID is a Chinese bioweapon and encouraging our students to not follow district policy and remove their masks.”

This is another form of radicalism and hates towards Asian people.

Meanwhile, after this incident, the President of Arizona School Board Member Apologizes for Cursing at Meeting.

The EpochTimes confirmed that the head of the Scottsdale (Arizona) Unified School District (SUSD) Governing Board—one of four members facing a recall election by petition—is in hot water for using an expletive at a public meeting.

“I apologized during the board meeting, as well as to individual parents who have written in and in the news. To be clear, I should not have said what I said and I am very sorry for this mistake. It will not happen again,” SUSD President Jann-Michael Greenburg told The Epoch Times in an email.

On Aug. 24, the five-member board held a meeting where parents who wished to comment were asked to remain outside the building until they were called in.

At the beginning of the meeting, Greenburg discussed recent protests over a new mask mandate and other incidents that he described as “escalations.”

The public was given limited access to the meeting to ensure safety. Greenburg asked that community members and speakers “remain civil” during the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Greenburg discussed a recent incident involving the discovery of “neo-Nazi” fliers at one school campus.

One parent who spoke claimed an employee of the district was responsible for distributing copies of the comic book “White Will” by William L. Pierce III, author of “The Turner Diaries.”

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, The Epoch Times

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