Liberals are still at it! Trump is officially the President and they still do not want to accept the Truth. Now SNL has gone way too far!

Look at the DIRTY insult they made to every Trump supporter…

Reported by libertywritersnews,

It’s really kind of amazing. You would think that Saturday Night Live could literally not get any less funny or more offensive, but they manage to top themselves every single week! Scumbags…

On Saturdaythey had old Alec Baldwin on again doing his Trump impression, but this time they added in a little twist which is an insult to ALL Trump supporters…


Jeez! Is this really the kind of CRAP liberals are buying into these days? Love him or hate him, President Trump is DEFINITELY his own boss.

The “comedy” show even went as far as to make the president look like he had the brain of a mentally handicapped individual. REAL THOUGHTFUL, SNL!!!

Not only that, the writers of the show had the NERVE to report more FAKE NEWS again when they tried and make it look like Trump was fighting with Australia and Mexico on the phone. All 3 Countries already denied these rumors.

So, once again, the liberal machine is making up news then using it to brainwash their supporters into believing the world is ending. The BEST shot we have left is to Share this all over Facebook and hope people come to their senses!

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Really?! SNL couldn’t get any worse!


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