John McCain publicly put down President Trump’s raid in Yemen on NBC news and the widow of ‘American Sniper’, Chris Kyle, wasn’t happy about the Senator’s comments.

While there is room for disagreement about policy and military action, undermining President Trump only days in to his job only weakens America’s stature in the world.

Senator McCain went on NBC and trashed Trump’s first military action. McCain’s comments did not sit well with Taya Kyle and she immediately demanded an apology from McCain to the fallen SEAL’s family…

According to the The Political Insider, several weeks ago, President Trump ordered a military raid in Yemen on Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which the administration declared a success given that they eliminated 14 high-value targets. Unfortunately and sadly, 23 civilians and one Navy SEAL, Ryan Owens, were also killed during the operation.

Then, while speaking to NBC News, Senator John McCain strongly criticized the raid, saying it was a failure: “When you lose a $75 million airplane and, more importantly, an American life is lost … I don’t believe you can call it a success.” He went on to say  “While many of the objectives of the recent raid in Yemen were met, I would not describe any operation that results in the loss of American life as a success.”

Taya Kyle went on ” Fox & Friends” and she made her opinion known about McCain. See below…

Taya said:

He (McCain) certainly could apologize to the family for saying it was a failure because that insinuates that his life was given for nothing and it wasn’t. They got 14 high-value targets. That’s a big deal. These guys went in and risked their lives, and they were very successful. Did everything go well? No, everything didn’t go according to plan, but it’s war.

Taya say’s that it’s a blow to the family, when the kids are at school and hear that the mission their father died in was a “failure” when it was not. The fact that they got 14 HIGH-VALUE targets is what made this mission a success and the family should be able to celebrate that their Navy SEAL died a hero, not a “failure”.

Donald Trump wasn’t happy about McCain’s comments either. This is what he tweeted about it:


McCain should remember what it’s like to be in a war. There are casualties, naturally, but I think it’s about time for him to retire. With the things he had to go through when he was captured, I’m sure his brain could use a rest. Republicans really don’t need him.

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