It’s no surprise how the Government can simply manipulate the lives of the citizens.

Take a look at how they controlled our lives for the past year due to Covid-19. Endless lockdowns, demanding penalties, and vaccine controversies.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are now attempting to tell us what to say. It’s no surprise like I said.

The CDC has published a new guide on their website, listing dozens of “preferred terms” meant to replace speech that is already commonly used to describe certain types of people or groups.

“Language in communication products should reflect and speak to the needs of people in the audience of focus. The following provides some preferred terms for select population groups; the terms to try to use represent an ongoing shift toward non-stigmatizing language.” – The CDC Guide reads.

This will enhance the “health equity” and “inclusive communication” for marginalized groups, as per the ‘expert’ health officials.

The guidelines are purposedly used is to eliminate “Dehumanizing language” and gives the reader an alternative term to use instead for each one.

Here’s an example from the guidelines:
Instead of this…

  • Inmate / Parolee
  • Handicapped / Differently Abled
  • Drug-users / Smokers
  • Rural people / Poor people
  • Biologically or genetically male/female / Gendered pronouns (He, She, Him, Her)

Try this…

  • People who were formerly incarcerated / Persons on Parole or Probation
  • People who use a wheelchair or mobility device / People with an intellectual or developmental disability
  • People who inject drugs / People who smoke
  • People who live in sparsely populated areas / People with self-reported income in the lowest income bracket
  • Assigned or designated male/female at birth / Singular they or their”
  • This is a pure indication of how easy our Government can manipulate us.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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  1. Lisa

    how about you just do your GD job with the viruses…you have NO AUTHORITY to do this…is this what you are focusing on fauxi? you really, really need to be fired


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