Olympics 2020 has officially started, and I know some of you have already watched these Activist Woke Athletes’ lousy performances.

I can still remember my childhood days when I used to love watching Olympics from the opening ceremony to the closing, but now I tend to tune out for the first time.

I couldn’t take to watch these selfish, communist “Activist Athletes.” I know not all of them were the same but the adage saying said: “one bad apple spoils the bunch” is true in this case – at least for me, anyway.

And it turned out I was quite right this time.

An embarrassing news headline just releases saying: “Team USA does not receive any medals on Day 1 of Summer Olympics for the first time in decades.”

What happened to this country’s athletes? I guess they forgot their practices since they were too busy becoming woke. Or it’s their karma now?

Athletes like Megan Rapinoe are so incredibly selfish and narcissistic, that they think their personal beliefs *trump* everything and everyone else.
And in the end, they’re losing at record numbers.
Maybe a little too much “social justice” and not enough actual focus on their game?

Here’s an excerpt from The Hill report:

Team USA athletes suffered multiple upset losses on the first official day of competition at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday, the first time in decades the U.S. has walked away with no medals on Day 1 of the Summer Games.

A total of 11 gold medals were given out Saturday for events in archery, cycling, fencing, judo, air rifle and pistol shooting, taekwondo, and weightlifting. However, the U.S. athletes did not receive gold, silver, or bronze in any of the events Saturday.

This is just an example of what Biden is calling a “New America,” he’s teaching his woke people not to do anything but to sit down and just say the right words to make everyone feels better and then and then, once you get fully woke, you end up completely broke, and blame your failure on something else…like “COVID,” and the vicious cycle continues.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, The Hill

4 Responses

  1. MikefromTexas

    I hope all knee benders and anthem haters don’t get a single medal that way they can’t piss on America at the award ceremony.

  2. Maggietish

    Karma—The Olympians chose to blatantly insult and disrespect our flag and Nation so clearly they Have disgraced and embarrassed themselves.

  3. nonstopca

    First time in my life, I couldn’t care less how we fair in the Olympics….. DE-FUND any that don’t show respect, for the Country, the flag, the anthem…or MY tax dollars….

  4. Dennis Karoleski

    Consider how incredibly dumb one must be not to comprehend BLM is a Marxist and therefore anti-American organization.


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