There has been people cheating at elections about as long as there have been elections.

The 2020 election has proved that voter fraud is worse than it has ever been. The Democrats have and are continuing to take advantage of a national emergency to win an election. It’s shameful.

That being said, there are some things that we can do in order to make sure something like this never happens again.

It should be obvious to everyone now that voting by mail is a failed plan. Once we knew for sure that this system is ripe for fraud, we should pass bills that do not prevent people from voting but do make it harder to commit fraud. But, guess what. No matter what happened, Democrats will vote down any law that seeks to stop voter fraud.

The Democrats realize that no one except them sheep is willing to vote for their radical platform, so cheating is their only recourse. People don’t want to defund the police. They want to defund the rioters. People do not want an endless parade of illegal aliens that will be coming to this country for the free healthcare the Democrats have proposed we pay for.

But, even though we can’t get federal laws passed, the states themselves can pass laws in states such as Georgia. These laws would not stop all fraud, but it will make great strides in scaring off many who would cheat if they weren’t worried about a long prison sentence if you are caught. These laws will also make it much easier to catch fraud.

Daniel Horowitz of The Blaze has compiled a list of laws pertaining to mail-in voting that would drastically cut into the possibility of voter fraud. It won’t stop all of it but it would make massive voter fraud impossible. Expect some shenanigans in the two Senate runoff elections Democrats need to take control of the Senate with Kamala Harris casting the final vote.

The new laws:

1. Issue a voter photo ID to all registered voters: I need an ID card to own a gun in my home state. There is no reason we should not have a voting ID card issued by the state and subject to renewal every 6-8 years.

2. Prohibit mail-in ballots for federal elections: There is a reason why the majority of European Union countries ban mail-in ballots for those not living abroad. They are prone to all sorts of fraud, which dates back to our 1864 election. This is why we should ban all mail-in ballots except for those serving in the military.

3. Absentee balloting should be limited to individuals who cannot vote in person: These ballots would require a witness signature and a copy of the voter’s photo ID accompanying the ballot.

4. All ballot-harvesting should be banned: Any individuals eligible for an absentee ballot must submit their own ballots. Nursing homes and other similar institutions would be exempted from the prohibition on third-party submissions, but would be subjected to strict rules and monitoring for the submission process.

5. Guard all drop-off boxes with 24/7 security: There’s no reason we should be experiencing these mystery dumps from drop-off boxes. States must ensure there is a secure chain of custody of all ballot collection venues at all times.

6. No more early voting: Election Day means Election Day. It should be declared a national holiday to facilitate voting. More funding should be directed toward expanding the number of polling stations and hiring more poll workers to deal with the growing population. But then we should all vote like we used to for so many years – on Election Day itself.

7. Explicitly authorize states to require proof of citizenship to vote: Photo ID requirements would vet fraudulent voters, but not non-citizens. Alien voters are not as high in numbers as citizen fraud, but they still can make a difference in the increasingly close elections. This is why states must be empowered to require proof of citizenship to register to vote, especially given the fact that non-citizens obtain driver’s licenses, which are used as a seamless pipeline for voter registration. Alternatively, we can require that states and localities use the federal SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements) database or E-Verify to check for non-citizens voting

8. Tighten up section 8 of the motor voter law, which requiresstates to “make a reasonable effort to remove the names of ineligible voters from the official lists of eligible voters,” by creating a clear process of cleaning up the voter rolls of deceased and out-of-state voters. Scores of counties still have more registered voters than the total population in the jurisdiction. This is a recipe for disaster, and any opposition to cleaning these rolls can only be motivated by an agenda to promote voter fraud.

9. Require body cameras on vote counters and processers: If this standard is good enough for the police, it’s good enough for those who secure the lynchpin of a representative republic.

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  1. Robert

    This article once again pushes a false unproven opinion of the person who wrote this article. There are 3 Republican controlled states that have had ALL mail in ballots for the past 10 years and no voter fraud in any proven. Now if voter rolls have dead people it has nothing to do with who voting until you PROVE that someone voted using the dead persons name. So far in the last 20 years only less than 100 cases found in those 20 years. Now stirring up unrest through lies and half truths only hurt the country as a whole.


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