The idea of someone not standing for the national anthem if they are physically able is something that is such a foreign idea to me I can’t understand it and how they can still want to take up space in the United States.

I was an Air Force brat growing up. My dad spent over twenty years active duty and I can tell you that I have probably stood for the national anthem more times than I could count. I remember, as some other military brats might recall, standing before the showing of a movie at a base movie theater. Even in other countries.

This is why people, especially athletes not standing during the anthem confuses me. Then again, there are karmic punishments for everything…

The entire Georgetown team took a knee before their NCAA Tournament game against Colorado, then proceeded to get blown off of the court.

During the national anthem for the Saturday matchup, every member of the Hoyas took a knee while Colorado stood with pride.

The article goes on to state the following:

What happened next? The Buffaloes boat raced the Hoyas off of the court to the tune of 96-73. It wasn’t a basketball game.

David Hookstead, writing for the Daily Caller, called the game a “nationally televised butt kicking,” saying, after kneeling during the anthem, Georgetown was then “humiliated from the opening tip through the final seconds.”

Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling asked after the team’s loss, “How did that work out for you guys? Nice flight home?”

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    When you take a knee, you express fealty. Fealty to whom? Kunta Kinte Kaepernick (KKK)?


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