On Thursday, President Joe Biden accused by Far-right Fox News host Tucker Carlson of proposing a tax hike on wealthy Americans to “punish” them and wrote off concerns about the federal debt.

Tucker Carlson called Biden’s sham “infrastructure” as a bill that is all about social engineering. The topic shows that 5% of the $2 trillion bill goes to infrastructure!
Carlson insisted that the Modern Monetary Theory which subscribed by Biden and Democrats broadly holds that the federal debt should not be an economic constraint, making taxes “beside the point.”

“Why do we have taxes in the first place, at this point? We don’t fund the government with tax revenue. We fund it with money that the Federal Reserve creates,” Carlson said. “Why would you even consider raising taxes on families making 400 grand? Why would you even do that? To punish you.”

Carlson uses sarcasm brilliantly to call out the phony Democrats and an even phonier Joe Biden, who delivered another teleprompter speech on Thursday afternoon, telling everyone how life-changing this “infrastructure” bill will be.

It got good when Tucker discussed Biden’s history of dodging his own taxes while he plans on raising our taxes:

The truth is that this is about socialism and throwing money at chosen groups to end “inequality”…

It’s also about the sham Green New Deal…another multi-billion dollar boondoggle.
Tucker is the best at using facts mixed with a huge dose of sarcasm to get his point across.

Biden’s tax increase will help pay for his next set of legislative proposals, which will be focused on investing trillions of dollars in the nation’s infrastructure. Conservatives have already said they won’t support any bill that includes tax hikes on corporations and wealthy Americans.

Biden said during an ABC News interview that aired this week that he plans to pass a “small to significant tax increase” on families making over $400,000 annually. He insisted that his plan, unveiled during the presidential campaign, wouldn’t raise “one single penny in additional federal tax” on American households making less than $400,000.

White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, told reporters this week “The president remains committed to his pledge from the campaign that nobody making under $400,000 a year will have their taxes increased. His priority and focus has always been on people paying their fair share and also focusing on corporations that may not be paying their fair share either.”

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  1. DonRS

    Tucker Carlson is the BEST of ALL TV! He pulls no punches and gets to the heart of the issues. Fortunately, for us, he is a major thorn in the side of FakeNewsMedia, including its growing number of members among FoxNews staff!

  2. Robert Higginbotham

    I’m happily surprised that Carlson is still around. He pulls no punches. It seems every bill put out by dopey Joe is totally miss titled. This so called infrastructure bill has practically nothing to do with infrastructure. Just like NR-1 the For the People bill. The only thing it does for us is screw us. The last bill that was supposed to help people that need help mostly do to the pandemic (that was 9%). Most of the money went to fiscally irresponsible democrat governors and other things which have nothing to do with the impact of the Wuhan virus such as the PP butcher shop and the arts among other things.


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