After being vaccinated there are still a lot of people that kept on wearing mask even after receiving the protection.  These vaccinated people can be seen in the streets of New York with their masks on.

That’s the reason why one conservative podcaster went to the street of New York to find out the answer as to why these vaccinated people still wearing masks, and I guess the answer is: “because we’re brain-dead idiots.”

And the result? They all think exactly alike, and it’s the same reason and nonsensical views that are not based on anything even remotely associated with “science” or facts.

Though they never said it is still obvious. It is because of FEAR of getting the virus even after getting the vaccine.

Basically these are the people who read news from left-wing sources, who have been putting fear into COVID for the past year and turned people into zombie-like minds that would “obey” whatever is told to them.

I am not saying that this virus is not real as I myself have experienced it twice, first it lasted for months and the last one is much milder that only lasted for two days. This whole COVID pandemic is real and is being used as a weapon in order for the left-wing to inject fear into the people that would be made them obey whatever they instructed.

It’s frightening to think of how quickly and easily these people can be controlled because of this whole virus.

This is a virus with a 99.8 percent survival chance rate for most, even higher for younger people, and these liberals are acting like they could keel over from it any minute.

Watch it hereFleccas Talk/Youtube

Source: Wayne Dupree

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