They left to keep on throwing false accusations against Trump’s taxes… In fact, they made lots of investigations to put this good man behind bars. But, they are slapped with reality and it backfired big time on them.

Recent reports said that an Illinois tax agency has ruled that former President Donald Trump is due a $1 million refund on the 2011 tax bill for his downtown Chicago skyscraper.

What a strange turn of events huh? This is completely a blew-up in their faces…

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that at issue is the Cook County Board of Review’s estimation of the value of the Trump International Hotel & Tower’s rooms and retail space. In June, the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board voted 5-0 to reduce the assessment on the building’s commercial property.

Here’s an excerpt from Business Insider reports:

Former President Donald Trump is owed a tax refund of $1 million for his Chicago skyscraper, but local officials are trying to stop it from being issued.

An Illinois tax agency ruled last month that Trump paid too much on his 2011 tax bill after the value of Trump International Hotel and Tower’s rooms and retail space was over-assessed by the Cook County Board of Review, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The ruling by the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board means Trump is owed $1.03 million, which would come from property taxes due to the city and other government agencies. Chicago Public Schools would lose out on about $540,000, according to the Sun-Times.

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s has since filed a lawsuit to block the refund. When reached by Insider, the State’s Attorney’s office said it was unable to comment on pending litigation.

The dispute is the latest development in the story of Trump’s taxes in Chicago. Alderman Ed Burke, the longest-serving member of Chicago’s City Council in history, served as Trump’s lawyer for more than a decade. His firm originally filed the tax appeal arguing the value of Trump’s building had been overestimated.

Burke, a Democrat, helped Trump secure $14 million in tax breaks on his Chicago skyscraper before parting ways with Trump’s company in 2018, The Chicago Tribune reported.

This is some hilarious irony…

This should be a sign to the left to stop these ridiculous witch hunts.

After all, they have yet to work in their favor.

Sources: WayneDupree, Business Insider, Chicago Sun-Times 

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  1. Lisa

    just leave him ALONE…you have NOT found ANYTHING to charge him with, he is honest and you just can’t stand that…what these corrupt, lying dems are doing is harassment, pure and simple, end of story

  2. Bubbelove

    In all this time (years) what have our wonderful “lawmakers” do for our country when they are so busy trying to destroy President Trump? On top of it all, don’t forget all the vacations they take all at our expense. When do they work for us? What a totally hateful group they are, and those “lawmakers” who do disagree do not have the bayzim to protest. They allow anti-Americans, anti-Semites, and anti-everything else to rule, and no one complains about the time they have, and still do, taken to try to condemn Trump. We are in a lot of trouble. I’m near the end part of my life, but I fear for my (and your) grandchildren and future generations.


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