A home in Sturgis, Michigan may look like your standard residence for modest living, but behind its unassuming doors lies a trip back in time, veiled in luxury.

A 92-year-old man named Ralph Levin lived a life that was mostly quiet and peaceful, though he was a known fan of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that rolls through Sturgis every year. He was also something of a local business titan, owning and operating a very successful scrap metal company.

Levin built his dream house with his wife Renee in Sturgis in 1979. The home featured six bedrooms, and it was widely known that every year during the Sturgis rally many bikers would stay with the Levins.

Sturgis Iron and Metal by Steel Dynamics Inc in 2008, when Levin retired, and remains one of the more successful recycling businesses of its kind in the United States.

“It’s a house that was built to live life to the fullest,” said Dennis Bamber, the listing agent representing the property, who insists the four-bedroom home is perfect for either a large family or someone who is looking to entertain.

The home, currently on the market by Cressy and Everett Real Estate, comes with four bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and two half bathrooms. An indoor swimming pool is also accompanied by a slide, sauna, hot tub, bar, and 1.8 acres of outdoor space.

Pictured, this modest-looking home on the outside is a party organizer’s dream on the inside, complete with a pool, slide, and hot tub – fun for the whole family!

Priced at $375,000 the nearly-6,500-foot home is a throwback to a 1970s shindig with interiors decorated in shag purple carpet and a velvet staircase.

Ralph’s wife Renee passed away two years after her husband and from that point on the large house sat vacant, with each passing year.

Finally, someone in the community opened the door for the first time in a while and realized that the large house had been serving for years as a party spot for the bikers that came for the Sturgis rally. It became clear the Levins designed their home as a private party spot for bikers to keep out of the public eye and relax.

More details of this story from AWM:

From the outside, the home looks rather average. Although an impressive structure fit for a regional iron tycoon, it does not stand out in the Michigan neighborhood. But once you step through its doors, you’ll understand why its driveway always overflowed with motorcycles every year during the rally.

Although outsiders did not realize the intent of the home’s party place interior, the Levins did love throwing big bashes. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons they settled in Sturgis. Every year, their biker friends would come to visit and spend some time celebrating in the large home. This afforded the partiers privacy from local law enforcement as it was held on private property and never drew complaints.

From an architectural and design perspective, the home has not been renovated or updated from the day it was built back in the 1970s. If you’re looking for a home with a vintage or retro look, then the old Levins home in Sturgis could be just the thing for you to sink your teeth into.

The home includes many things that would be a delight to anyone who likes to party. The home includes a bar made out of glass as well as complementary bar games and even a gumball machine. Statues of lions and tigers line the interior. The staircase has purple velvet carpeting, and shag carpeting covers much of the other living space.

Source: AWM

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