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You have to wonder what gets into the heads of people who see someone openly breaking a rule and then allowing that person to walk free.

You see it every so often with judges where they sentence someone to years in jail while they give someone else a slap on the wrist.

It’s all about who gets paid off. Why do you think that Hillary Clinton is walking around to this day, while people who actually stood for this country are being thrown in jail?

The very same Department of Justice who wouldn’t press charges against Fmr. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has just announced 80 Arrests in less than 48 hours. Some 15 people are looking at charges in connection with the Capitol Breach on January 6th. Those charged include 60 year-old Richard Barnett who was photographed with his feet up on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk and according to Inside Edition left a mean note for her.

Barnett’s Big Crime? A Mean Note

They called it “Threatening”. Seriously!?!? We see worse than this in most comment sections EVERY DAY.


The Daily Mail Reports, “The DoJ announced on a call with reporters on Friday afternoon that 15 people had been charged including Richard Barnett, 60, who was seen putting his feet on Speaker Pelosi’s desk and leaving a threatening note on it on Wednesday.”

These Arrests are Just The Beginning

At least 80 people in total have been arrested and 55 are being pursued on federal charges, law enforcement officials said. The FBI is currently seeking intel from the public to identify several dozen more persons of interest.

We have also received reports of FBI agents conducting raids at the locations and homes of multiple GOP State Legislators.  WSLS has reported that West Virginia Delegate Derrick Evans (R) has now been charged with “entering a restricted area of the U.S. Capitol after he livestreamed himself rushing into the building with a mob of Pro-Trump supporters”, the DoJ announced.

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  1. ox

    Hillary has a face, that would stop a 10 day old clock in reverse. Hillary is not going to get arrested. Hillary is part of the swamp. Hillary is part of the corrupt good old boys and girls club of politics. This is exactly why the swamp wanted Hillary to win. Hillary would make no waves against the corrupt politicians, not like Trump. Hillary is in the club.


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