This illegal immigrant shows up to collect a welfare check and quickly realizes that things are different under President Trump. No more handouts for you!


The video below shows that ICE is out and looking for these illegal immigrants. In an Austin, Texas parking lot ICE agents show up to make the arrest. See below…

Obama helped and made it possible for illegals to collect welfare in America. Why not? That’s a vote he just bought, probably millions of votes. Times are changing! This is Trump’s America now… NO MORE HAND OUTS!

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3 Responses

  1. Jim nash

    No surprise here folks. Obama-Biden were the most corrupt administration in history and this is just another instance of the libs buying votes.

  2. Rattlerjake

    Reagan made it easy for illegals by giving them amnesty, The Bushes and Clinton simply looked the other way, Obuthead openly helped them, and Trump is the only President in more than 50 years that is actually doing his job!


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