Spring breakers go to South Beach and trash it!

How much you wanna bet that these group of people are liberal democrats? Think any of them are pro-Trump? Yeah, me neither…

Hundreds of spring break thug partiers trashed the beaches and in the video below had a standoff with police when they had to be forcefully removed from the beach. This mentality sounds just like a lib to me!


Disgusting and wrong. They dumped their garbage on the environment! Now, according to conservation laws, they should be fined and made to clean up the area!

Are these the same people who believe in “global warming”?

Why in the world would anybody let them in their town knowing the mess and the distraction that they cause? They should cancel all spring break activities.

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  1. Dean Whinery

    The education system taught them to read, so they didn’t understand “Fine for Littering”. They should ALL get the maximum penalty.


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