Yes! The FBI successfully stopped an ISIS terror plot that was ten times bigger than the Boston bombing!

ISIS is here thanks to Obama… Now President Trump has the job of getting rid of them. It’s good to know that America is now in safe hands again thanks to proactive president Trump.

Intelligence are on high alert for American citizens being radicalized by Islam, then carrying out terrorist attacks on our own soil. These “lone wolf” terrorists are hard to track, but the FBI was able to bring down Robert Lorenzo Hester Jr.

From Hillary 4 Prisoner:

Hester, a Missouri-born U.S. citizen with a wife and young children, was contacted by FBI agents posing as members of the Islamic State terror group and pledged to help them carry out a large-scale terror attack on Presidents Day, something 10 times larger than the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

Hester’s plot reportedly involved bombing trains, buses and a train station in Kansas City.

They have been here! Hello. San Bernardino, boston, tampa… the list goes on. How many have to die and be wounded before the left pulls their heads out of their butts and realize that whole religious cult revolves around killing non believers.

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  1. Susan P Cummings

    I don’t believe it is a religion that is causing the terrorism, it is the character of individuals that attract them to the violence of the lie. The say, 519,000 refugees have come into the US and out of these 10% are terrorists or ties to some radicalization. We could say there is a radicalization within other religions as well, for their firm stance on abortion. We really don’t see those terror attacks as we do with those who single out adults or other religions, even though there are children who become victims. It’s time we understand who the real criminals are; radicalized religions, freeloaders who have come to this country feeling entitled not because they were in any immediate danger, but because they offered themselves and their families up against the free nation for a political agenda. The real victims have had a wall of deception to keep them out of this country and others by those who claim to care the most.


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