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Thanks to Obama and the allowed over reach from the UN, ALL white people being hit up for reparations.

During his time in office Obama began infiltration of UN members into American society and now they have decided through ‘extensive’ research the African Americans are indeed owed reparations, similar to that of what Native Americans receive. According to the UN ‘racism’ in America has caused turmoil in the name of slavery and therefore all white people should make up for these past offenses through present day reparations.

In reality, White Americans all ready sit back seat to the African American in both the job market, housing market, and educational allowances. Not to mention the statistical data that shows the comparison of blacks to whites who are on welfare vs those who pay into welfare and without sounding ‘racist,’ it seems as if white people all ready are and have been paying reparations in the form of taxes for quite some time.

Via Political Mayhem New:

The average white American is heavily taxed as it is, most of which goes to keep the generational welfare recipients that claim to be “oppressed” living free from any and all financial responsibility. At the risk of sounding politically incorrect I will go ahead and state the fact that we technically already pay reparations. But I digress. The U.N. has the power vested to them per Obama it seems to come here as a force and do whatever they need to make us follow their orders.

According to Freedom Daily :

While Obama was in office, he allowed the United Nations to start establishing a presence within American cities with a global police force, sneaking his plot to give America’s sovereignty away under the guise of a organization called the Strong Cities Network. This unconstitutional move was largely criticized by patriotic groups, as the Constitution requires a treaty before allowing any foreign military presence to base itself on American soil.

The Strong Cities Network (SCN) was launched by the United Nations back in September 2015, providing the first ever global network of mayors and municipal-level policy makers with the stated goal of providing a “community” to “counter violent extremism in all its forms.”

Along with the United Nations’ Responsibility to Protect doctrine, an enabling principle that allows in international community to intervene when they discover “crimes being committed against humanity, ” the UN can take it upon themselves to “safeguard” any citizen who they view is being racially discriminated against. To put it in more simple terms, the UN can invade a country with their UN police force if they determine that “crimes against humanity” have occurred.

Sounds like Obama knew EXACTLY what he was doing while in office, turning the country against whites in some sort of revenge agenda.

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  1. Paul

    If they are here then kick them out . People beware of democrats in sheeps clothing.

    • Leslie Fish

      It’s high time that the US withdrew its membership in the UN, and also withdrew its lease on the building. Let the UN go find another place to live, some place where the presence of all those diplomats would be useful to the local economy — some place like Ecuador, or Somalia, or Bangladesh.

  2. bkaur

    THIS IS BULL!!!!! NO ONE ALIVE TODAY HAD ONE THING TO DO WITH SLAVERY … NO ONE ALIVE TODAY WAS A SLAVE… WE DON’T OWE REPARATIONS TO ANYONE!!!!! THIS IS INSANITY!!!! This bullsh*t will NOT unite the country.. this is another way to tear it apart… forcing people to pay for reparations for something they had NOTHING to do with…

    • DRLJR

      So true. And the only people promoting racism today are “Progressives” and Blacks. Then add in the problems Blacks are dealing with today are self-created. The media ignores that the same issues exist in White communities that have the same behavioral issues.

    • Chris Robinette

      Bottom line to the UN notification as to any fucking demand for REPARATIONS, be advised that the US will NOT pay any REPARATIONS. Any attempt to force us will result in lethal force against any invasion of blue berets or helmets

  3. Daniel Brofford

    There ain’t no way I’m giving no money. We need to stick together white people.

  4. Bubba Love

    This is what you get when you vote the fascist, globalist, socialist Democrats into power.

  5. DRLJR

    The only people in the US who suppressed Blacks were Blacks and “Progressives”. Remember, it was a Black man that created chattel slavery in the US. And Blacks supported slavery as well. Of course, the place were Blacks suffered the most was in Africa and the Middle East where the Islam theocracy ruled. People should learn the real history.

    • Wyatt

      Well said and very true ! And what’s more , that first black slave owner went to court to have his right to keep slaves . All these facts are conveniently forgotten when it comes to liberal agenda .

  6. Wyatt

    The UN can go pound sand up Obama’s butt ! They forget that they have no authority anywhere let alone in the United States . They also forget who created them , who gives them their free headquarters and puts up with their idiot diplomats and representatives at taxpayer expense . Thine for America to kick the UN out of our country and to withdraw our membership. America pays by far the lions share of dues to the UN , hosts them in one of the busiest cities in America (at taxpayer expense) Puts up with pompous self – important third world diplomats that violate traffic laws at will and cause many problems . America also is often called on to lead UN troops into trouble spots in the world and do a lot of dirt work while the powder blue beanie boys sit back and get credit. I dare say should America boot these clowns out of America and withdraw membership , the UN ceases to exist within say five years at most.

  7. Mark Little

    The lowlife blacks do not deserve crap from white Americans. They get food stamps and welfare now. That is more than they contribute.

  8. Michael Valgos

    This is insane We didn’t do anything to these people They have been getting tax dollars for welfare and food stamps I will not pay a penny We do not owe black people anything If they want money they need to get a job They owe me for supporting their ass all of these years My deceased wife was black do you owe for her She would have said no money is deserved The blacks could go to Liberia set up for blacks to repatriate their homeland If they don’t want to accept this then fuck them

  9. Nikita63

    WE SHOULD RIGHT NOW, ARREST AND TRY THAT SWINE FOR SEDITION AND HIGH TREASON FROM ITS DAYS IN OFFICE AS THE UNEQUIVOCALLY WORST AND SORRIEST EXCUSE FOR AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT TO EVER DISGRACE, DEMEAN AND DEFILE THE OFFICE, HIS HATRED OF THIS COUNTRY, WHITE PEOPLE, AND CHRISTIANITY IS EXACTLY WHAT THE U.N, STANDS FOR AND ALWAYS HAS; A ONE WORLD DICTATORSHIP WITH ITS CHIEF OBSTACLE BEING THIS COUNTRY AND ITS CONSTITUTION WHICH THAT TREASONOUS TROLL ALWAYS REFERRED TO AS A ‘FLAWED DOCUMENT.” He then declared war on police and we are seeing the racial divide he also has assisted by urging BLM and Antifa to protest as they have been doing and creating destruction all over the country by design and he is being aided in spirit and fraud by his party of fellow treasonous trolls,; the Progressive Democrats! I fought this mindset in Vietnam 52 years ago and it pains me to see the memory of all those we lost there trying to PRESERVE all the left is set to destroy being defiled by these scum AND, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY AND THE U.N. ARE , SLITHERING SWAMP SLIME. THE U.N. SHOULD BE TOTALLY DEFUNDED, THROWN OFF AMERICAN SOIL AND ANY MEMBER OF THEIR MILITARY CAUGHT ON THIS SOIL EXECUTED ON THE SPOT AS FOREIGN AGENTS PROMOTING INFILTRATION, SEDITION AND HIGH TREASON; and all in the name of the unnecessary and unwanted hate and divisiveness as we have never seen as part and parcel of the “OBAMA LEGACY!” HE SHOULD BE ARRESTED, INDICTED TRIED FOR BOTH SEDITION AND HIGH TREASON UNDER U.S. CODE CHAPTER `18 DEFINING WHAT CONSTITUTES SUCH ACTS. If in all likelihood and based on a plethora of hard evidence, he is found guilty as charged needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the Constitutional law he so often disdained when President! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE A MORE APPROPRIATE AND DESERVED END FOR SUCH A CREATURE?

  10. Luis D Rey

    The UN as well as UNESCO, WTO, WHO, UNICEF are full of Minorities that don’t know the difference between a whore and a street walker.

  11. John McFadden


  12. Tim Thompson

    That photo shows only whites not one black soldier what gives. Oh the United Nations a far left with 90% of nations now controlled by dictators. No thank you and go to hell. Hopefully the USA will kick them out of the US to one of their friends like a desert kingdom.

  13. ivdad

    If the UN wants blacks treated like Native Americans, let them set up reservations on the uninhabited islands off Alaska.

  14. Ron Hopkins

    The UN ? Who gives a F::k what these useless communist Muslim a- holes think or want? Throw this scum soaked UN out of the U.S.A. And stop giving any money to these shitbags. A totally useless organization. If fact their troops have been the cause of rape, child prostitution and other crimes. The whole building should be blown up with all the scum in it. Call your congress and tell them to unfund and get rid of this shithole! Nuff said!

  15. N

    Soros and his minions the deep state NAZI Commie liberal party, Fake news, Antifa, CIA, FBI, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, The useful idiots, RINOs etc…are responsible for this rioting and destruction throughout the country. This treasonous act should not go unpunished! It’s about time these deep State rats are held accountable! Patriots, we need to save the country from turning into another Commie shit hole just like all the other lib run cities!!

  16. OLD wolf

    Cool then that means the blacks owe me . being a half breed the blacks owe me for all the crap they did helping the white man to kill off hole nations of NA’s . Not just in slaving them like other blacks did for the white man . And you are forgetting how the northeast half of the white people died fighting so you can be free today asking for money from people that did nothing but die for you to be free . That takes some balls . How about a thank you instead of blaming every white man for shit that happened 250 years ago . When you act like a victim , you get treated like one . Stop doing that and try being bigger then that petty BS

  17. Bruce Walters

    When are blacks going to reimburse us for all the welfare, crime and damage they’ve caused over the years?

  18. Jesse

    The UN needs booted from America it like some Unions have far out lived their usefulness. They have proven it on Israel and This Reparations IGNORANCE.


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