The situation in Afghanistan just keeps on getting worse; Meanwhile, these Donald Trump haters keep on attacking and making jokes about the situation in Afghanistan is seriously making me sick.

Gen. Michael Hayden, Former CIA Director has kept his lashing toward Trump over the last few years because the Greatest President of America keeps on reversing the precedents Hayden created during his career as the CIA Director.

Well, President Trump just wanted to restore the accountability for abuses of power among CIA leadership.

Not to mention the former CIA Director’s controversies, in which he was investigated, indicted, and convicted by Italy for a crime of kidnapping that had been authorized at the senior-most levels of the CIA and the NSC. Well, this isn’t the issue he got involved with, CIA into using senior foreign intelligence surrogates in covert operations – then imposing state secrets to protect them – while sacrificing the rank and file. Confirmed by former CIA agent Sabrina De Sousa, also under General Hayden.

Not only Trump supporters but also The Gateway Pundit was smeared by Hayden and accused it as a racist publication after the TGP posted an article about the former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva who was the ONLY Pittsburgh Steeler to come out for the National Anthem on Sunday during a game in 2017 even though it was fake news. Lol.

Now let’s go back to Afghanistan controversy, when a disaster-slash-chaos happens, is it necessary to make jokes related to it? Well not for this former CIA Director.

When a Twitter user posted a tweet that reads, “Can we send the MAGA wearing unvaxxed to Afghanistan, no use sending that plane back empty?” no surprise Hayden retweet it with a response, “Good Idea.”

Is that a good way to share your thoughts about the situation? Well…

Comment your thoughts about this one. America, Wake up!

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, The Gateway Pundit: Ex-CIA Chief and Never-Trumper Slanders Gateway Pundit

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  1. Maggietish

    It’s a disgrace the way that those in the CIA, like this guy and the FBI have destroyed the American people to trust in them and their operations and they did it on purpose. The minute they chose to get political and be dictated to by the socialist/communist Democrats and took a stand against this nation in the American people was the day that any credibility they had it all is done and over.

  2. Kent

    Miley and hayden… traitors to the uniform AND THE FLAG … need to send them to help the Afgans… HALO drop .. no need to waste fuel ..


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