Thousands of violent “Antifa“ hoodlums took to the streets of Leipzig on Saturday under the slogan “We are all LinX.”

They were seen burning erected barricades, attacked inter alia and the police building. They also call for the killing of the police chief and demand the release of one of their fellow terrorists.

According to the police, up to 3 to 5 thousand violent black mobs took part in the demonstration.

These Radical “Anti”-Fascists even use a reference to the assassination of business leader Hanns Martin Schleyer in 1977 by the Red Army Faction. Using a banner that reads, “Your dream is over – You’ll be lying in a trunk soon.” 

The Deutsche Bank branch and the Leipziger Volksbank branch were also pelted with stones. Single demonstrators threw paving stones at the windows on the march route in the southern part of Leipzig.

The reason for the demonstration was the trial of a student, Lina E., and three men who are accused by a federal prosecutor of creating a criminal organization and violent attacks on right-wing activists.

A local resident on the ground posted a video:

Also, Andy Ngo, Author of the best selling “Unmasked” was able to document the biggest Antifa gathering and posted these live updates too:

7 police officers were injured after the violent attacks.

Andy Ngo, the author of bestseller “Unmasked”, documented what is believed to be one of the largest Antifa gatherings ever.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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