Biden’s mask policies were only designed for his political rivals and regular Americans. Dems and their fellow elites have some kind of immunity from these mandates.

Now that tensions continue to mount surrounding face mask policies, Sen. Rand Paul has a brilliant idea, he wants to force a vote on legislation prohibiting them from being mandated on public transportation.

The Republican senator from Kentucky said he is “tired of paying the airlines to be treated like crap.”

Paul then announced that he was gathering signatures from fellow lawmakers to force a repeal of the federal regulation mandating masks to be worn on airlines.

“You know, cloth masks don’t work, the virus goes through the cloth mask and around the cloth mask. It’s a joke, it’s theater, and there’s no reason to be wearing them on the planes. we are just punishing ourselves. And I, for one, I’m tired of paying the airlines to be treated like crap when I get on the plane.”

Paul joked, eliciting a laugh from Spicer:

“I want to be treated like a paying customer, and I want them to bring me at least a glass of water and peanuts, and I don’t want somebody jammering at me to put my mask on in between peanuts. I mean, for goodness’ sakes, I’m paying you money, treat me like a customer. So I’m tired of it.”

Paul added:

“Then they hide behind this federal law, saying, ‘Oh the federal law makes us do this. Only because the airlines begged the federal government for the federal law so they could hide behind. So let’s get rid of it. I’m gonna force a vote on it, we’ll see where the Democrats are, but I think the people are like me, fed up and tired of all these regulations and mandates.”

Paul’s statement comes as governors on both sides of the aisle are rolling back masks and vaccine mandates and COVID-19–related restrictions in their states.

The state of Texas also filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the Biden administration seeking to block the federal mask mandate for airplanes, trains, buses, and associated facilities.

Source: DailyWire

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