Yet another nightmare for Biden!

We all know that after withdrawing from Afghanistan, non-stop chaos and nightmare that’s been going on.

On top of that, Joe Biden just got another nightmare from his woke media PR.

Remember Clarissa Ward? She is the one and only CNN reporter who previously said that the Talibans were friendly not until her own crew and producer were almost piston whipped by these scary militants. That’s a day and night difference!

Clarissa Ward just keeps proving how the Biden Administration is lying to all of us. She is live reporting from Kabul, exactly at the airport actually, she’s reporting the ground in real-time chaos that’s been happening there and it’s more disaster for inept Team Biden.

According to Clarissa, it’s devolved into a filthy, unsanitary hopeless cesspool, with people wondering why the “strong USA” isn’t doing more.

it was relayed by reporter Josh Rogin via WAPO: Clarissa is at inside the Kabul airport and it’s still total chaos: “During the last 8 hours… we have not seen a single U.S. flight evacuating people. “I’m watching children coming up to me, being like, ‘Please can you get me some food.” So, it’s clearly not working.” “Why did it have to be that way???” It didn’t.”

“I have people coming up to me and saying, “America is supposed to be the greatest superpower in the world. What the hell is going on here.” That’s kind of the attitude.” Shameful. She added.

See Josh Rogin’s tweet:

Tom Elliott also posted a tweet that reads, “CNN’s Clarisa Ward on Biden’s Afghan evac: “It’s totally disorganized. The left-hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing … I haven’t seen a plane take off in eight hours.”

Meanwhile, America is being considered as the strongest military the universe might have, yet we are just standing with our thumbs up because the Biden administration doesn’t know what they are doing. Some reports say that tens of thousands of Americans are stranded and have been told by the Biden admin to have their own way to the airport for evac, which is so difficult because they have to go through 8 or more dangerous Taliban checkpoints.

It’s so painful to hear reports that some US citizens are being beaten by Taliban militants even after showing correct documents and US Passports then being forced to pay two thousand dollars for a flight back home.

This is really shameful to watch for us but it’s more despairing and painful for these Afghans to witness and experience these where they were who were with us during the good times. Do they need the Avengers? or do we need to pray more?

God, please keep us all safe.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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