No one in the crowd expected what the World Wrestling Entertainment star The Undertaker said during the WWE Hall of Fame on Friday night.

Wrestler Mark Calaway known as The Undertaker in the WWE arena,  spoke of his family when commenting on his inclusion in the prestigious museum, and took note of his wife and former wrestler Michelle McCool.

Here’s what he said, as McCool and their daughter looked on during the ceremony at the American Airlines Center in Dallas:

“I think the greatest thing that you’ve ever done for me, though, is restore my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” 

Calaway has previously spoken about his wife’s hand in helping him build his relationship with Jesus.

In fact, a year ago, he told CBN that before his wife started taking him to church, he was “living a pretty excessive lifestyle and I wasn’t living my life for God.”

The famous wrestler said he resisted going to her church in Austin, Texas with his wife because he felt he was already a “good” person and didn’t need to go to church. He also noted that he didn’t want to deal with the “brimstone” that the pastor would throw his way once his presence in the community became known.

“I’ve always believed in God, I just didn’t lead my life that way,” he said. “I lived a pretty excessive lifestyle and I wasn’t living my life for God.”

“I believe in God, I’m good,” he recalled telling his wife, adding, “it’s not going to work.”

But he went anyhow, saying:

“I was thinking the pastor’s going to see me and he’s going to throw fire and brimstone right at me … and it wasn’t nothing like that,” Calaway said.

“I found myself being kind of tense and pensive to kind of leaning in and like, wow this is pretty cool. And that started my journey back to leading my life the way I should,” he said.

Calaway gives all credit to his wife for helping him change his life:

“She wanted me to be the man that I could be and that has nothing to do with being The Undertaker. It was the start of me and my journey and realizing there was a whole ’nother part to life that I was missing out on,” he said.

Then he said he is a work in progress.

“I’m not perfect. I’m still in my process. I’m getting there but I spend a lot more time these days reading my Bible.”

According to Bleacher Report, Calaway also thanked his fans during his Friday speech at his induction:

“My first ‘thank you’ is to you,” he said. “You were the motivation I needed many nights.”

Sources: Westernjournal, CBN, Bleacher Report

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