Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious girlfriend and co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell has a name that many can’t pronounce and a backstory that’s shrouded in mystery.

Ghislaine Maxwell currently resides in a Brooklyn jail awaiting trial for a variety of sex-trafficking charges that were levied against her by the U.S. federal government in 2020.

Previously, Ghislaine Maxwell and federal prosecutors have temporarily teamed up to ask a judge to keep a proposed questionnaire for potential jurors sealed from public view before Maxwell’s upcoming trial.

Now, with the help of federal prosecutors, Ghislaine Maxwell and their joint request to keep details of the jury selection process in her trial hidden from the public has been DENIED by a Judge.

The case is being watched with understandable interest by the public given what happened to Jeffrey Epstein before he could face trial.

Maxwell’s attempts to keep the public out backfired after U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan has ruled that the public will be allowed to watch the jury selection process, denying the joint effort to keep the media out.

Both prosecution and defense lawyers had agreed to ask the judge to keep the questions to be asked to prospective jurors from public view. Some of the questions for potential jurors are designed to screen out individuals who might react negatively to her wealth

In very questionable circumstances, Epstein died before his trial was able to beginmaking the public insists not to be hidden from the view this time.

Surely, no one wants to miss this very contrversial trial, we’ll see how Maxwell will be able to provide details about the behavior of rich and powerful individuals who spent time with Epstein.

Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Steven Pinker, Bill Gates, the Duke of York, Donald Trump (for a time), and dozens of other major public figures are known to have been friends and associates of Epstein.

Even Stephen Hawking is known to have taken a trip to Epstein’s notorious private island.

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What does she know?

The fact that prosecutors are willing to make any concessions at all for Maxwell is a bad sign for members of the public who want to hear what she knows.

Beyond the sex trafficking and abuse, Epstein and Maxwell appear to have been at the center of a massive blackmailing operation that implicated a huge variety of public figures.

Ghislaine may very well have been an equal partner to Epstein in orchestrating their operations; given who her father was, it seems likely that she was brought up in the world of espionage and corruption.

Robert Maxwell, a leftist politician, and builder of a media empire in the United Kingdom is believed to have been an asset of both the Soviet KGB and the Israeli Mossad.

Robert, like Epstein, died under mysterious circumstances. If Ghislaine is also tied to powerful intelligence agencies then it hardly seems likely that the public will learn anything satisfactory from her trial.

Still, that the public will at least be allowed to watch proceedings as they occur without being completely shut out is a step in the right direction.

Source: NewsHourFirst

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