Last Thursday, the Cincinnati Enquirer published a piece regarding school board candidates’ use of the cash-transfer app Venmo for donations, which may potentially violate Ohio state finance law, given that it went into personal accounts.

The doxxed middle-class family appeared in an article that advertised their name and address.

“The Cincinnati Enquirer just doxxed a middle-class family from West Chester over the school board issue,” Ashbrook tweeted.

Ashbrook also highlighted that the Venmo screenshot was also shared on the Enquirer’s Twitter page.

The obvious intention of the doxxing was to present the family as being engaged in illegal and extremist behavior by donating to school board candidates who shared their enthusiasm for fighting leftist curricula.

The Enquirer faced backlash on social media, including from prominent Ohio Republicans. Forcing them to eliminate the personal information of the targeted family – this was clearly done only because the publication received negative attention.

“This is absolutely unacceptable. I’d expect national journalists to harass families, but not our local paper,” Cincinnati native and Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance reacted.

Gannett, which owns the Enquirer, noted the screenshot was erased from the article quickly after it garnered online attention — but offered an odd excuse for revealing the family’s address.

“The cropping of the promo image was corrected immediately although campaign donations are public record,” a Gannett spokesperson said, according to Fox.

It is clear the publication was asking for them to be attacked by explicitly advertising the identity of an innocent middle-class family and implying in the article and on social media that they are right-wing extremists.

The explicit purpose of the article was to suggest that those running to take back local school boards from liberals are ignorant and misguided for not belonging to the established order.

Read more of this story from NewsHourFirst:

The fact that the doxxed family donated to one of these candidates via Venmo was presented as evidence for the perceived lack of professionalism amongst these new campaigners.

Implicitly the Cincinnati Enquirer wanted to tell liberal and leftist readers that the family and candidates are morons who deserve to be harassed for having the wrong opinions.

Even the federal government has been attempting to slander parents who object to their children being taught to hate themselves as “domestic terrorists.”

Pedantry has been used to deny that “critical race theory” is actually being taught in public schools. Anywhere this shows up it is a blatant lie and many parents are not being fooled by it.

The specific term doesn’t matter; nearly every public school in the country is teaching anti-white and anti-Christian propaganda to students; most students likely don’t even realize this because they have been exposed to it for years already.

The Cincinnati Enquirer has removed the personal information but the damage is done. Millions of normal American parents are being told that they might be doxxed or pursued by federal agents if they want to have a say in what their children are being brainwashed with.

Sources: NewsHourFirst, FoxNews

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