Woman (secretly) videos lover loading gun before shooting her dead

India Mackey Warren Detroit woman films boyfriend, Kevin Dixon loading gun that he uses to shoot her dead moments later. 

Filming your own impending death. A Detroit area, Michigan woman used her cellphone to capture video footage of her boyfriend ‘calmly’ preparing the gun he used to shoot and kill her just moments later.

‘You think I’m f—ing playing, huh?’ the man identified as Kevin Dixon, 18, is heard telling India Mackey, 20, as he wiped off his fingerprints from the bullet he loaded, according to WXYZ.

‘Gonna hit you with these big hollow tip 45′s, gonna eat your [expletive] up,’ Dixon continues.

Moments after she stopped filming on Tuesday last week, circa 5.30pm, Mackey was shot dead in the white van parked outside her home in Warren, prosecutors allege.

Her body was then found in the passenger seat when Dixon was pulled over following 911 calls about his erratic driving.

Warren, Detroit girl shot dead by boyfriend
Pictured, Warren, Detroit girl shot dead by boyfriend

Victim’s father warned daughter against dating suspect, ‘I got the wrong vibes.’ 

Macomb County prosecutors told of Mackey being murdered in cold blood a day after her 20th birthday by her live in boyfriend. According to the girl’s family the pair had been dating for just on a year.

‘The last thing her family has of her is the video where she is pointing the camera at the man who is going to kill her,’ Macomb County prosecutor Eric Smith told during a press release. 

‘Everything about this case is awful and this certainly adds to it,’ he said. ‘This video is being taken by a woman who is going to be killed in moments — it’s unbelievable to me.’

Following his arrest, Dixon was charged with first-degree murder, carrying a concealed weapon, and felony firearm charges.

The man’s mother — who was not identified in the reports — was arrested when she showed up to his arraignment Thursday and charged with accessory after the fact and tampering with evidence, according to Fox 2.

‘He’s on the phone talking to his mother, clearly identifying his mother and telling her to go to the house, and get rid of the gun,’ Smith told Fox.

Talking to WJBK-TV, Mackey’s father, Joseph Polk, said he’d warned his daughter against dating Dixon.

‘I didn’t like the young man and I got the wrong vibes from him,’ said Polk.

‘I told her, I talked to her, I said, “He’s not the one for you, baby”.’

Not immediately clear is why Dixon allegedly sought to kill Mackey. Also not clear is whether the boyfriend was aware that his intended victim was filming him – or whether she was aware that her impending death was near and sought to film the evidence of her death….

Dixon’s next court dates are December 5 and December 11.


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