Crazy woman walks through a convenience store yelling “call the police now” while knocking over shelves of candy and food.

She destroys the whole store!

Patriot Crier reports that she was angry because her food stamp benefits wouldn’t be accepted in the store. Other comments on the video suspect she was having some sort of outburst and suffers from a mental disability.

She is definitely crazy in some kind of way! She walked around the store tipping over boxes of candy and grabbing everything around her throwing it to the floor. A man comes out and yells “What are you doing!?” another man is heard yelling, “Hey, B****”.

Is it just me or did you hear her say, “look at these bugs, all these germs” sounds like a mental disorder to me! Comment below if you heard it too.

The second half of the video shows the men who work in the store finally kicking her out after she trashed EVERYTHING.

Another comment on the video had this to say, “The only Mental Health issue she has is called, ENTITLEMENT!!!!! It’s disgusting and an embarrassment to those who need assistance!!!!!” What do you say? Please let us know below!

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