No matter whether you are actively on the battlefield, the fight always continues. That is something that Donald Trump has learned since being wrongly removed from office.

At the end of the day, one of the things that he can still do, that he has always done well, is to organize people to a common goal. It’s how he became President in the first place. Anyway, his word carries a heck of a lot of weight even though he is back to being aprivate citizen Donald Trump.

If you want a job, you need to have people vouch for you. This is why getting someone like Donald Trump to say you are the person for a job is always a big help.

While speaking to Fox News on Sunday, longtime Trump advisor Jason Miller announced that former President Donald Trump would be making a big endorsement on Monday.

“Really importantly, pay attention to Georgia, tomorrow, on Monday,” Miller said. “There’s a big endorsement that’s coming that’s really going to shake things up in the political landscape in Georgia. It’s big, it’s coming tomorrow, and just be sure to tune in.”

Monday morning, the endorsement came. Trump has endorsed Republican Rep. Jody Hice in his newly-launched campaign against Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

The endorsement from Trump reads: “Wow, just heard the good news. One of our most outstanding Congressmen, Jody Hice, has announced he is running for Secretary of State in the Great State of Georgia. Jody has been a steadfast fighter for conservative Georgia values and is a staunch ally of the America First agenda. Unlike the current Georgia Secretary of State, Jody leads out front with integrity. I have 100% confidence in Jody to fight for Free, Fair and Secure Elections in Georgia, in line with our beloved U.S. Constitution. Jody will stop the Fraud and get honesty into our Elections! Jody loves the people of Georgia, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement.”

Hice responded by tweeting, “I am honored to have the endorsement of President Donald Trump! His priority has always been America first!”

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