California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder won a court battle to list his name on the recall ballot after the state said he did not qualify.

Elder’s attorneys were in an emergency court hearing Wednesday fighting a weekend ruling by the California secretary of state that argued: “incomplete redacted and/or unredacted income tax returns were filed.” A judge ruled tax returns are not required for a recall election, contrary to state rules.

The ballots go to the printer Thursday.

Here’s the press release about California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder:

“The court’s ruling reverses the secretary’s decision to disqualify Elder as a candidate for alleged redaction issues with the income tax returns filed with his candidacy application. According to the court, the law by which the Secretary of State required candidates to submit tax returns for the upcoming election applies to direct primary elections, not recall elections. Hence, Elder did not have to file tax returns at all to qualify as a candidate.”

“I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Superior Court of California, our friends, volunteers, supporters, and the people of California,” said Elder on the website. “We fought the shenanigans of Sacramento’s politicians and we won. If elected governor, I will fight every single day for this state. This is just the beginning.”

Elder announced Monday that his run for California governor had been blocked, with California’s secretary of state arguing that his candidacy was illegitimate.

Elder write on Twitter, “We’re in court in less than an hour over this B.S. Before we submitted the over 200 pages of 5 yrs of tax returns, my accountant made sure we complied with the law, as did two election law lawyers.” 

“This new law was passed by the supermajority Democrat legislature to force Trump to turn over his tax returns to get on the 2020 ballot. California Supreme Court struck it down unanimously for presidential, but let it stand for gubernatorial elections,” Elder continued.

The image included by Elder showed a letter from Dr. Shirley Weber, the California Secretary of State, and the “Candidate Filing and Election Night Reporting Team.”

“Dear Candidate,” the letter reads. “We are writing to inform you that you did not qualify as a candidate for the upcoming September 14, 2021, California Gubernatorial Recall Election.”

“According to our records, you did not qualify due to one or more of the following reasons,” the letter continues, with the marked “reason” being “Incomplete redacted and/or unredacted income tax returns were filed.”

“People are wondering, ‘Why is my name not on the list of candidates to recall Governor Gavin Newsom in this recall election?’” Elder said in a video blasting the California official, before sharing a headline from The Associated Press regarding a California court invalidating a law “requiring Trump tax return.”

“That was to prevent Trump from getting on the ballot in California, but it did not apply to gubernatorial candidates. First time ever,” Elder continued. He then shared the letter received from the California Secretary of State, describing them as “a Democrat.”

“The only box checked,” Elder said, “Incomplete redacted or unredacted income tax returns were filed.”

“We filed both redacted and unredacted tax returns,” Elder claimed. “So I guess what they’re saying is we redacted something that shouldn’t have been redacted, or we didn’t redact something that should have been redacted.”

“Never has anybody been disqualified from a ballot here in California for a reason like that,” Elder added. “I’ll see you in court.”

Sources: DailyWire, Electelder

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  1. Drosack

    Larry Elder would only help and save the state, but not without having to fight to do it. Just MHO. Good luck Larry even though I don’t reside in California. Make that state better and the whole country benefits.


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