Some people adopt a title and a persona simply to curry favor with people or to get special treatment.

You see folks like this all the time throughout your life. One example would be the Stolen Valor crowd. I was in a pizza place about a year ago picking up something for dinner when this guy came in and was wearing a full-on Marine uniform, looking for a military discount. No problem there….except for one little thing.

The guy was wearing one of the white Dixie Cup hats that only people in the Navy wear. It was pretty sad. There are folks that will act like they are sticking to your principles only to turn on you the second they realize they aren’t getting what they want from you anymore.

Yet another GOP leader has proven themselves to be a RINO, a ‘Republican In Name Only,’ as she has chosen to resign from her post after she became concerned about messages she has been receiving from Trump supporters.

Jean Evans, the head of the Missouri Republican Party has resigned three weeks before her term was set to expire, saying that she had received disturbing messages from supporters of the president.

On January 7, Evans told local news outlet KMOX that she had been receiving “increasingly disturbing” messages from Trump supporters after Joe Biden‘s supposed victory in November 2020.

According to Evans, several callers were discussing the need for a military coup, and others were demanding that the Missouri GOP bus people to protest in Washington, D.C.

She also noted that some of the messages she received had included threats. “Halfway through the message turned into, ‘you better get off your you-know-what and fight or we’re going to come after you,’” Evans stated.

The GOP leader said that she was upset and disgusted, but not surprised, when a group of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building on January 6.

Evans says that supporters of the president wanted her and the party to literally join the fight.

“I was afraid the President would not do enough to stop it,” she said.

“That’s not something I was comfortable doing,” Evans added.

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3 Responses

  1. Ox

    As a Republican politican they are supposed to support your president. Quite a few Republicans abandoned the president. Mitch McConnell is no showing his true colors. Privately Mitch wants the president impeached, to end Trumpism and his supporters. If it weren’t for Trump supporters, they would have never gained as many seats in the House as they did. They all buy into this false narrative, that Trump incited the Capitol fiasco. All these Republican Turncoats, need to be primaried. It’s about time these RINO’s these old fart politicians with one foot in the grave were voted out of office.

  2. Tim

    Good…another RINO is one less we have to think about. Maybe she should be scared of her constituents, because she failed our president. I’m sure her constituents won’t forget about her, but I’ll lay odds that this RINO moves out of state altogether into a Democrat held state.

  3. Bob Russell

    the entire Oklahoma congressional delegation should resign as they are swamp rats that have betrayed We the People repeatedly!!!!!


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